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Agency: Veterinary Surgeries
Currency: February - April 2013
Position: Please distribute to staff and clients as appropriate
Northern Sydney Regional
Rabbit Control Program
RHDV (virus) release
Scheduled for late March 2013
Please be advised that an ongoing feral rabbit control program will be
undertaken in public open space in northern Sydney in 2013. The aim of
the program is to reduce feral rabbit numbers and thereby reduce the
negative impacts of feral rabbits. Rabbits are a declared pest species.
Competition and land degradation by feral rabbits is listed as a key
threatening process to threatened Australian native animals, plants and
Endangered Ecological Communities under the Commonwealth
Endangered Species Protection Act 1992 and the NSW Threatened
Species Conservation Act (1995). Rabbits are also causing public nuisance
and significant damage to playing fields, public parks and private property
in northern Sydney.
RHDV or Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus is a virus in
solution applied to chopped carrots. Carrots will be died green
to identify them.
RHDV spreads through rabbit to rabbit contact and via biting insects.
RHDV is species specific,
RHDV affects only rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus).
RHDV is not harmful to native animals, or domestic pets other than rabbits.
Pet rabbits can be affected.
To protect your pet vaccinate your rabbit.
Alternatively house pet rabbits in a
mosquito proof enclosure away from
contact with wild rabbits.
For best protection vaccinate prior to the
1st March
RHDV baits will be laid in late March (weather permitting). The release may
be delayed to April if weather conditions are not suitable.
Baits will be laid in select reserves and public open space in northern
For more information contact:
Cumberland Livestock Health and Pest Authority Camden office 4655 9165.
National Parks and Wildlife Service (Metro North East) Senior Ranger - Pests: 9472 8953
Your local council office: Hills Shire Council, Hornsby Shire Council, Hunters Hill
Council, Ku-ring-gai Municipal Council, Lane Cove Council, Manly Council,
Mosman Council, North Sydney Council, Parramatta Council, Pittwater Council,
Ryde City Council, Warringah Council, Willoughby City Council.