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Cost of World War II
72 Million estimated to have died in the war
20 million displaced
418,000 Americans killed
125,000 buried overseas
1.6 trillion dollars spent
Potsdam Conference:
July, 1945
 FDR dead, Churchill out of office as Prime
Minister during conference.
 Stalin only original.
 The United States
has the A-bomb.
 Allies agree Germany
is to be divided into
occupation zones
 Poland moved
around to suit
P.M. Clement President
the Soviets.
The Division of Germany:
1945 - 1990
The Bi-Polarization of Europe:
The Beginning of the Cold War
The U.S. & the U.S.S.R.
Emerged as the Two Superpowers
of the later 20century
Marshall Plan
US provides upwards of $12 billion in
aid to rebuild Western Europe’s
infrastructure and industrial base.
The Nuremberg War Trials:
Crimes Against Humanity
Perhaps the most famous war
trials held after World War 2
were the Nuremberg Trials.
These trials took place in the
German city of Nuremberg
and looked to punish 23 of
the most powerful Nazi
leaders for the crimes they
committed during the war.
The men on trial included
Martin Bormann (Hitler's
private secretary), Hermann
Goring (Head of the
Gestapo), and Rudolf Hess
(Deputy Fuhrer). Twelve of
these men were found guilty
and sentenced to death.
Japanese War Crimes Trials
The Tokyo Trials were held
in Tokyo, Japan and brought
charges against many of the
Japanese leaders during the
war. The most famous leader
brought to trial was
Japanese Prime Minister
Hideki Tojo who was found
guilty of several crimes and
was executed. The Tokyo
Trials lasted for three years.
The Emperor of Japan,
Hirohito, was not put on
trial. He was allowed to
continue as a figurehead by
General MacArthur in order
to maintain peace and
stability in Japan.
• Japan was occupied by U.S. forces under the command of
General MacArthur
• During the seven- year occupation, MacArthur reshaped
Japan’s economy by introducing free-market practices that
led to a remarkable economic recovery
• Additionally, he introduced a liberal constitution that to this
day is called the MacArthur Constitution
The Creation of the U. N.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
The State of Israel
The Jewish state of Israel was established in
1948 (following World War II and the Nazi
Holocaust). Prior to that time the area was
called Palestine and was home to Arab
Muslims, who were displaced and became
refugees when Israel was established.
Adjacent to Israel is a turbulent area called
the West Bank. The West Bank includes
many sites that hold cultural, historical and
religious significance for Jews, Muslims
(identified as Palestinians) and Christians,
and there has been a very long history of
violent conflict as Israelis and Palestinians
have both laid claim to this region.
7 Future American Presidents
Served in World War II