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MONDAY, June 4th, 2012, Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia External Trade Development
Corporation (MATRADE) said today that the Chilean Foreign Investment Committee under
the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism had announced a slew of substantial
foreign investment projects in the infrastructure sector.
These projects include the retender of the AMB International Airport in Santiago on a Build,
Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis. The current 823,000m2 terminal will have an additional
375,500m2 of remodelling and terminal expansion with estimated investment at US$500
million and the capacity to handle over 29 million passengers by 2030. The El Tepual Airport
(PMC) at Puerto Montt is also up for retender but details remain unconfirmed at present.
The Chilean Government is also building a new cargo terminal for the port of Puerto Montt
for general and bulk cargo ships to ease congestion at the present facilities. The call for bids
and award for the estimated US$50 million project are expected by the second half of 2012
with operations to start before end 2015. Plans are also underway for the expansion of
Terminal 2 Espigón, Port of Valparaíso. Estimated investment is between US$325 to
US$391 million including equipment.
The announcement also included work for five hospitals including the existing Antofagasta
Hospital estimated at US$251 million. Four other new hospital buildings, all on a BOT basis
are also in the works at a total estimated investment of US$1,071 million.
The Transandino Central Railway (Aconcagua Bioceanic Corridor) is also being built to
reduce congestion on the present Los Libertadores Pass. Estimated investment is
US$3,300 million with anticipated benefits of US$13,000 million and 80 million tonnes of
freight annually. Santiago’s subway will also see 2 new lines carrying 120 million
passengers a year at a cost of US$2,800 million while the state-owned railway Empresa
Estado (EFE) is also undertaking infrastructure expansion and
upgrading works to the tune of US$260 million.
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Various roads and highway concessions are also available including 86km of roads
between the Elqui and Limari Provinces totalling US$204 million, the 31.3km Loa Roads at
US$294 million, the Américo Vespucio Oriente (AVO) urban highway with 13kms of
extensions, the Nahuelbuta Highway expansion of Road 180 with an investment value of
US$222 million, the new urban Santiago-Lampa Highway in north-western Santiago at
US$78 million, the US$150 million New Industrial Bridge over the River Bío-Bío and the
22km Costanera Central Highway valued at US$1,388 million.
The Foreign Investment Committee is also seeking input into a number of initiatives subject
to feasibility studies and these include the US$640 million Santiago-Valparaíso Region
Railway Connection, The Municipal Civic Center and underground parking facilities in
Calama, Two public buildings in Iquique and Valdivia, the improvement of the ValparaísoViña del Mar Transport System, Coastal Route at US$384 million and the Bicentennial
cable car at US32 million.
As closing dates for bids and contract periods for the various projects differ, MATRADE
advises interested Malaysian companies to contact them for further information.
Issued by Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)
on Monday, June, 4th, 2012.
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Corporate Communications Unit
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