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TO: California Secured Funding
Name: _____________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________
Telephone Number: __________________________________________
Email Address: ______________________________________________
Occupation: _________________________________________________
Funds Available to invest: ______________________________________
1. Do you have prior experience investing in trust deeds?
Yes No
2. Do you currently work with a broker assisting you
with your trust deed investments?
Yes No
3. Do you have a preference as to the location of the property? Yes No
4. Do you have a maximum amount that you invest in any
single trust deed?
Yes No
5. Do you have a preference as to the type of property?
Yes No
6. Do you have a preference as to the term of the investment? Yes No
7. Are you willing to participate as a multi-lender?
Yes No
8. Do you want us to provide loan servicing?
Yes No
9. Do you have a self directed IRA?
Yes No
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please provide details below:
Would you prefer us to send you some written information about us and the opportunities
available in trust deed investing or call you at your convenience to schedule an interview?
Thank you for your interest in trust deed investing and we look forward to discussing
these investments with you.