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Reaching To Dream Speech
I wish that the world was without war or conflict as there
would be peace and everyone would be happy. A world
without violence would be a world where everyone could get
along and be friendly.
I wish that all illnesses would be cured as a world without
illness would mean everyone could live life to the full.
A world without poverty would mean innocent people
wouldn’t have to choose between paying the rent and
feeding their family.
I wish that discrimination wouldn’t happen as it would let
people live without being conscious about them.
A world without natural disasters would be a world where
non-injurious people wouldn’t have to suffer for things that
aren’t caused by them.
I wish that terrorism didn’t exist because a world without
terrorism means people wouldn’t be judged about their
religion. This would make a difference as religions wouldn’t
be judged beforehand.
A world without abuse would be a world where children
wouldn’t be afraid of going home and what was lying ahead.
Without abuse children would be able to have a normal
childhood like children should.
I wish that unemployment wasn’t a big issue as it is today as
people wouldn’t have to worry about how they were going to
live for the week and if they were going to have a meal on
the table.
So if your wishes are the same as mine we can work together
to abolish all these problems that face ordinary people, like
us, to this day.
I once knew a young boy who was affected by bullying and
was afraid to go outside as he was very scared of what was to
come; he didn’t know whether they were going to make it
through the day without being hurt. He was too afraid to go
to school and therefore didn’t enjoy life. He didn’t want to
get help to face his problems, so instead he ended their life.
He thought suicide was a way to be free from his bullies, but
the only person who paid for this was the little boy who no
longer had a life.
We can make all these problems stop by working together.
We could put together a non-violent protest for different
races and religions like Martin Luther King did. If we did this
then more people would be confident and treated more
fairly. If everyone stopped bullying then everyone would be
happy and no one would be scared to go out without being
injured. I wish violence and discrimination would stop as the
world would be a better place to live and people can live
without worrying.