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ifrSKEYES strengthens its positions on the military market
Toulouse, November 19th2013 – ifrSKEYES is delighted to announce that the SIMMAD (Structure Intégrée
de maintien en condition opérationnelle des matériels aéronautiques de la défense) has notified the
renewal and the extension of the 4-year full support contract with the French Ministry of Defence.
The French Air Force, Navy and Army has been using AMASIS as the centrepiece of ATAMS (Aircraft
Technical and Airworthiness Management System) to optimise the airworthiness of their aircraft.
One part of this 20-million-euro contract consists in the onsite support for the AMASIS end users (service
desk, consulting and training). The other one concerns different AMASIS evolutions and developments.
The contract responds to the French Ministry of Defence’s requirements and needs in following up
different fleets which are composed of 1324 different aircraft, from jet fighter to helicopter.
ifrSKEYES continues to develop its business in the military market and has opened recently a new office
in Bordeaux, France.
About the SIMMAD
The mission of the SIMMAD is to ensure the optimum availability of the French Ministry of Defence’s
aircraft and to achieve best control of costs.
It is therefore responsible of maintaining aeronautical equipment in optimal operation condition. In this
perspective, the SIMMAD develops general rules on the basis of operational needs, enforces the rules in
accordance with the technical instructions of the DGA (Délégation Générale pour l'Armement) - state
organization responsible for armament programs, contributes to the definition of the logistical policy and
to its implementation.
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