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Mobile Irrigation Labs
David DeMaio
Palm Beach Soil & Water
Conservation District
Palm Beach, FL
January 24, 2017
David graduated John I Leonard high school in 1992, and spent
the next two years of his life in military service in the US Army.
David has been with the Palm Beach Soil & Water Conservation
District since 1998 where he has overseen both their Urban and
Agriculture Mobile Irrigation Lab programs. David has had
extensive training in both irrigation design and irrigation water
management. He is currently certified by the Florida Irrigation
Society as a Certified Irrigation Auditor with over twelve years of
experience analyzing irrigation systems in both the Urban and
Agriculture sectors.
The Florida Mobile Irrigation Lab program is a public service that
assists growers through free irrigation evaluations.
The goal of the Program is to reduce water use and runoff
through more efficient irrigation.
 Irrigation system – The MIL will evaluate your on farm irrigation
system and make recommendations for improve the efficiency.
 Efficiency- The more efficient the system is the less resources it
will require to apply the desired amount of water to the crops
being irrigated.
Flow- The system have matched flow rates?
Pressure- Is there uniform pressure throughout the system.
Hardware- Does the hardware have matched precipitation
Schedule- What triggers your irrigation events?
• A. Secret family recipe
• B. Plant stress
• C. ET rates, net irrigation requirement, soil water holding
Detailed report on the systems current status including but not
limited to:
1. Specifications of hardware on the farm.
2. Average application rates
3. Uniformity rating
4. Effective application rates
5. PH and TDS readings of irrigation water
6. Detailed report with recommendations to improve efficiency.
The Florida Department of Agriculture-Office Of Ag Water Policy
funds the program, For further information you can call the Palm
Beach Soil and Water Conservation District 561-792-2727 ext 3
Or follow the link below.