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Position #00058612
The Mountain Resorts Branch is responsible for working with many partners to provide timely decisions for phased
development and major expansions at existing resorts, as well new resort proposals. Guided by the BC Resort Strategy
and the All Season Resort Policy, the Branch leads the review of land use and forestry decisions, environmental
assessments, business case assessments, First Nation consultations, and local government and public stakeholder
Reporting to the Senior Manager Business Analytics, the Market Analyst works independently to provide professional
advice and guidance to the Branch’s management team on issues related to the ski resort industry. The position reviews
market assumptions and data, as well as evaluates business cases (financial, marketing and strategy) for the phased
development of existing resorts and ski areas, and new resort proposals. This position will also provide strategic
marketing guidance and recommendations for stakeholder communication as well as evaluate the submitted business
case marketing plan and research.
To analyze and interpret the feasibility of business cases submitted by all-season resort and ski area proponents
in support of proposed phased development and new resort proposals.
To analyze and interpret the marketing plan and research of business cases submitted by all-season resort and
ski area proponents to determine the likelihood of business success.
To research, analyze and evaluate global and North American ski and resort industry trends, as well as
environmental, technological and marketing trends, and to make recommendations on factors and issues that
should be considered in policy application and development, and the approval of agreements and tenures.
To interpret, coordinate and support the research, analysis, development and implementation of strategic and
operational policies (e.g. the All-Season Resort Policy), legislation (e.g. Land Act; Ministry of Land, Parks and
Housing Act; Resort Timber Administration Act; Water Act; Environmental Assessment Act; Forest Act, Forest and
Range Practices Act) and related regulations.
To undertake the writing of legislation, regulations, Briefing Notes, Cabinet Submissions, Treasury Board
Submissions, Requests for Legislation, Fee Issue Papers, and public discussions papers.
Bachelor’s Degree with a strong preference in Business Administration or Commerce with at least two years’
work experience (preference may be given for experience in marketing, business/industry development and/or
business case analysis); and/or equivalent combination of relevant education and experience.
Experience with marketing best practices, social media tools, interpreting marketing research and experience
developing marketing strategies and plans. Preference may be given to applicants who have two or more years
in this area.
Experience in business/industry development (with preference for marketing, market research, financial and
business analysis) as well as experience in analyzing and interpreting business cases. Preference may be given to
applicants who have two or more years in this area.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Well demonstrated ability to develop and maintain effective and collaborative relationships with clients at
various levels.
Well demonstrated excellence in written and oral communications, presentation and interpersonal skills.
Successful completion of security screening requirements of the BC Public Service, which may include a criminal
records check, and/or Criminal Records Review Act (CRRA) check, and /or enhanced security screening checks as
required by the ministry. (Note: It is important that you read the job posting carefully to understand the
specific security screening requirements pertaining to the position).
Analytical Thinking is the ability to comprehend a situation by breaking it down into its components and
identifying key or underlying complex issues. It implies the ability to systematically organize and compare the
various aspects of a problem or situation, and determine cause-and-effect relationships (“if…then…”) to resolve
problems in a sound, decisive manner. Checks to ensure the validity or accuracy of all information.
Building Partnerships with Stakeholders is the ability to build long-term or on-going relationships with
stakeholders (e.g. someone who shares an interest in what you are doing). This type of relationship is often
quite deliberate and is typically focused on the way the relationship is conducted. Implicit in this competency is
demonstrating a respect for and stating positive expectations of the stakeholder
Conceptual Thinking is the ability to identify patterns or connections between situations that are not obviously
related, and to identify key or underlying issues in complex situations. It includes using creative, conceptual or
inductive reasoning
Information Seeking is driven by a desire to know more about things, people or issues. It implies going beyond
the questions that are routine or required in the job. It may include “digging” or pressing for exact information;
resolution of discrepancies by asking a series of questions; or less-focussed environmental “scanning” for
potential opportunities or miscellaneous information that may be of future use.
Planning, Organizing and Co-ordinating involves proactively planning establishing priorities and allocating
resources. It is expressed by developing and implementing increasingly complex plans. It also involves
monitoring and adjusting work to accomplish goals and deliver to the organization’s mandate.
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