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Stock Assignment (Discovering Local Stocks)
You are to research two companies that are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. One
of those companies must have some connection to Halifax or the Maritimes. You are to
find as much information about these companies as you can. You must hand in a report
on the two companies.
Possible Topics for research
 Ticker symbol
 High or Low for the day
 High or low for the year
 Previous outlook of the company, future outlook of the company
 Financially how the company is doing
 Dividends paid
 Background information on the company
o What it does
o When the company was developed
o What it sells
o Market for products
o Length on time on the Stock Market
o Risk involved in the Company
o How long the company has been operating
Any other news or info that may be relevant to the company and buying the stock.
The length of the written report should be 3 pages - double spaced, 12 font, times new
roman font.