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“Fed Up”
1. Describe the teens viewed in this video.. Can you relate to them?
Brady, Wesley, Joe, & Maggie..
2. How did they become so overweight? Was it their fault?
Daily Intake of processed foods in excess amounts. Perhaps, but exposure at school and home
did not help.
What steps are they taking to change their lifestyles and what challenges do they face along the
way? Reducing processed foods, exercising, limiting fats. But, they struggle with their own
obsessions and their environments.
4. What are the parents doing to try to help and support their children? Are these families successful
at helping their children to be healthy? The parents are trying to support their children through making
better purchases, like low fat products. Not really.. But, only Brady’s family try’s and alter their cooking
5. How does being overweight affect everyday life for the young people in the film? Do these kids
struggle with bullying and teasing? Being overweight alters their ability to live a healthy and
fulfilled life. They are teased along with not being able to be a part of a lot of activities.
6. How do they feel about themselves? Does weight affect their self-esteem? Yes. They mostly
struggle with their daily outlook. Also, they have a “give up” attitude.
7. What is the impact of the message that weight loss is as simple as diet and exercise? Is that true, in
the experience of the young people interviewed in this film? Exercise is an important part, but diet
plays more of a role, because of the metabolic rate of how calories are used in the body. As well as
the types of foods that are ingested are calories that cause a spike in the glucose rate and is stored
as fat cells.
8. Why is a calorie not a calorie? Explain the difference between almonds and soda with respect to
calories. A calorie is not a calorie, because it is digested differently in the body. For example, almonds
have fiber and the body has to break the food down, instead of soda going right to the liver and being
broken down in amounts that become stored as fat…
9. What is processed food? What are the dangers of eating unhealthy foods besides becoming fat? A
processed food is anything that is not made from ingredients that are true to their natural state. Your
body stores the lipids and your metabolic rate is altered. You also are deficient in lots of vitamins and
minerals found in real food.
10. What media and cultural messages are young people exposed to that work against healthy eating
habits? It is fun to have these processed foods and everyone is eating them, and the actors who are
portrayed in them are healthy and skinny.. Mostly, movie actors and actresses.
11. How can you tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods in the grocery store or in a
restaurant? Healthy foods are low in saturated fats and trans fats. They are natural and not made with
multiple ingredients.
12. What did you think of the statement: “Sugar is poison”? Which organs process sugar in the body
and what do they do with it? Explain the biological process that occurs when a person eats too much
sugar. Sugar it toxic and addicting. The liver and the pancreas have to break down the digestion and
when you eat too much, your body becomes toxic. You feel bad and your body stores it as fat.
13. What are the side effects of a sugar-heavy diet? What is the difference between corn syrup, cane
sugar, brown sugar, honey, and the various other types of sugar that we consume? You become
addicted to the foods that have sugar dominantly in it. All are sugar!! They are all processed the same in
the body, unless it is natural and has fiber.
14. What has the food industry done to promote healthy eating habits? Have these efforts been
successful? The food industry has just cut portion sizes or calories by dialing up more sugars or serving
less products in the boxes that consumers buy. Nothing has been done to offer true healthier products.
15. What do you believe is the role of the government in creating a healthier America?
Personal opinion..