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GE Healthcare
D-Fend Pro
Water Traps
for CARESCAPE Respiratory Modules
D-fend Pro water traps are designed to protect
the gas measurement system from moisture,
humidity and contaminants, which can harm the
gas module and affect measurement accuracy.
• Protects the gas measurement unit and enables seamless
operation of CARESCAPE Respiratory Modules
Streamlined gas flow channels enable fast response of the
gas measurement to provide reliable readings
D-fend Pro water traps are indicated for use with
CARESCAPE* Respiratory Modules monitoring
respiratory and ventilatory parameters in
anesthesia and critical care applications..
Application-specific water traps to meet the needs of
various care areas
Protection against humidity and bacteria
In airway gas monitoring with CARESCAPE Respiratory Modules,
sampled gases are transported from the patient into the gas bench
for analysis. However, sometimes there is moisture and
contaminants in the sampled gas, and these may cause harm to
the gas analysis unit and affect the system’s performance. To
remove the moisture and contaminants the sampled gas passes
through a D-fend Pro water trap.
The key component of D-fend Pro water traps is a special
polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane. This membrane
prevents water or bacteria passing the water trap simultaneously,
allowing sampled gas to pass through the membrane to the gas
analysis unit. Condensed water is collected in a water container,
which can be emptied.
Application-specific water separation
Because the conditions between care areas may vary, GE
Healthcare offers two application-specific versions of D-fend Pro
water traps to help you meet the needs of different care areas.
The dark steel blue D-fend Pro water trap is designed to be used in
anesthesia care area. In anesthesia this water trap should be
replaced every two months, or when the patient monitor so
indicates. During the water trap’s operating life the water container
can be emptied as often as necessary.
The green D-fend Pro+ water trap is designed to be used in the
critical care environment, where high humidity and secretions may
be present. To maintain the seamless operation and accurate
measurement this water trap is recommended to be replaced
every 24 hours and after each patient. Also with the D-fend Pro+
water trap, the container can be emptied during its operating life.
Instructions For Use
For detailed information on use of product, always refer to the Instructions For Use accompanying the product package.
Product Information
D-fend Pro, Dark Steel Blue
D-Fend Pro+, Green
Critical Care
Recommended with
Replacing Interval
2 months
24 hours / Each new patient
Bacterial filtration efficiency1
> 99.999 %
> 99.999 %
Viral filtration efficiency1
> 99.999 %
> 99.999 %
Order Code
Package size
Pkg of 10 units
Pkg of 10 units
Measured by Nelson Laboratories Inc., USA. (DOC1282139 & DOC1282141)
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