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By Raychel Perry
Presented to the Syracuse Utah City council:
Andrea Anderson, Corrine Bolduc, Mike Gailey, Karianne Lisonbee,
and David Maughan
• This topic of landslides fits into the geology category because it mainly
relates to the study of rocks, dirt, and land.
In the Northern Utah area there has recently been a landslide and I am here to
council you on some ways that we can hopefully use scientific data to prevent
further destruction.
In many places landslides have destroyed towns and ruined people’s lives. There
are many places near steep mountains like ours that have experienced
landslides. Yungay, Peru is an example.
What is a landslide?
“A landslide is a general term used to describe a variety of geologic processes
involving the movement of fine-grained earth, coarse-grained debris, or rock
down a slope under the influence of gravity.(Lee Lerner, Brenda Wilmoth)”
Another definition is “the movement of large amounts of soil, rocks, mud, and
other debris downward along a slope
Causes of landslides
• Land slides are usually triggered by heavy rainfall or a lot of melting snow.
• This saturates the soil which makes it unstable.
• A solution to this issue is to install drainage systems are used to reroute
hazardous water flows.
Causes of landslides
• Major earthquakes have been known to triggered landslides. For obvious
reasons Earthquakes can do major damage with landslides.
Problem and Solution
• A human contribution to landslides is the cutting down of trees, otherwise
known as deforestation.
• One way we can minimize the effects of this destructive activity is to plants
more deep rooted plants and cut less. This will have a big impact because
trees have many uses
Problem and Solution
• More human factors are mining. construction, and foot traffic.
• With mining we can hopefully provide better supports for in the mines.
• With construction companies should analyze the area of their projects.
• With the issue of foot traffic we can offer specific trails in the mountains so that people
don’t stomp out vegetation while hiking.
Call to action
• I call upon you to do what you can to help prevent landslides by planting
vegetation in areas of loose sediment and on mountains.
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