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Basic Physical Chemstry (CHM 222)
Instructor : K. Srihari
office : FB 435
✆ : 7043
email : [email protected]
Course outline
This course is about classical thermodynamics and kinetics. A number of books
exist and a brief list is provided at the end of this handout. We will essentially
follow the book by Berry, Rice and Ross. The second edition of this book is
available and very affordable. Our library also has copies of this book. The
numbers in the c;l indicate, approximately, the number of lectures (l) to be
given on that particular topic and the specific chapter (c) of BRR that you
should consult.
➫ Zeroth law of thermodynamics and temperature 12;3
➫ First law of thermodynamics 13;2
➫ Concept of entropy 15;2
➫ Second law of thermodynamics and applications 16,17;6
➫ Third law of thermodynamics 18;2
➫ Nature of equlibrium and intro to nonequilibrium 19,20;4
➫ Gases-ideal and real 21;3
➫ One component phase equlibria 24;3
➫ Collisions and kinetic theory of gases 27,28;6
➫ Chemical kinetics 30;8
➫ Advanced topics in kinetics 31;4
Note that the number of lectures in a given topic might be less or more
depending on factors that are hard to guess right now. Extra readings and
other handouts, when necessay, will be put up at copy point.
✓ Grading policy ✗
There will be regular homeworks in this course (approximately one every two
weeks). Collect assignments at copy point. Three exams will be given. The first
and final exams will be in class closed book/notes exam. The second exam will
be open book/notes. The homeworks will account for 20%, the midterms 20%
each and the final will be worth 40% of the final grade.
❏ R. S. Berry, S. A. Rice and J. Ross, Physical chemistry, 2nd edition,
Oxford University Press, 2000.
❏ D. A. McQuarrie and J. D. Simon, Physical Chemistry, Viva Low-Priced
student edition, University science books, 1999.
❏ R. J. Silbey and R. A. Alberty, Physical Chemistry, 3rd edition, John
Wiley, 2002. Society of Chemistry 2002.
Note ✍
Submission dates of homeworks and the take home exam are not negotiable.
Homework has to be submitted on acceptable quality paper!