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Water The Liquid
of Life
All the Water in the World
 3/4 of the Earth is covered
with water.
97% of this water is
salt water.
3% is fresh water.
2/3 of the fresh water is trapped in the
polar ice caps.
Only 1% of the water is useable.
Water in the Human Body
 Transports nutrients and wastes.
 Lubricates joints and organs.
 Aids in digestion.
 Helps control body temperature.
 Plays a role in synthetic reactions.
 Assists in removing wastes.
 Our blood is . . .
The body’s main transportation system.
83% water.
 Blood carries . . .
Other materials
 Water lubricates . . .
Fluids between internal organs.
 This helps . . .
Reduce friction within the body.
Ease movement.
 Water helps . . .
Break down certain foods.
Transport foods through
the digestive tract.
Temperature Control
 Water . . .
Changes temperature slowly.
Stores heat.
Helps regulate body
Synthetic Reactions
 Water aids in . . .
Digestion of protein
and carbohydrates.
Building hormones
and enzymes.
Waste Removal
 Water helps . . .
Transport wastes through kidneys and
Remove waste through
perspiration and the
air we exhale.
Reaching a Balance
 Adults typically need 6 to 8 cups of
water or fluid each day.
 Amount depends upon:
Body size.
Level of physical activity.
Overall health.
Water Sources
 Beverages we drink:
Water, fruit juices, milk,
and decaffeinated beverages
are good choices.
Beverages containing caffeine
or alcohol can cause fluid loss.
Water Sources
 Foods we eat:
Fruits and vegetables are
good sources of water.
Meat, fish and chicken
also provide water.
Grain products offer a
minimal amount of fluid.
Our Water Supplies
 Tap water from:
Public water systems.
Private water supplies.
 Bottled water.
Public Water Systems
 Supply water to at least 25 people
or 15 connections for at least 60
days per year.
 Must follow set regulations.
Private Water Systems
 Include wells, springs, cisterns.
 Are impacted by few regulations.
 Water users are responsible for
the quality of their water.
 Testing at least once
a year is recommended.
Bottled Water
 Popular consumer item.
 Regulated through the
Food & Drug Administration.
 Regulations impact quality,
processing and labeling.
Water Wellness
 Each of us can protect our water
supplies. Follow these tips:
Handle chemicals and
cleaning products
with care.
Keep your automobile in good working
Water Wellness
 Tips (cont’d.)
Use fertilizers and
pesticides wisely.
Limit soil erosion.
Always conserve water.
Water We depend upon it for health,
and it depends upon us!!
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