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12-6-16 Farmer in Training Apprenticeship, GrowGood, Bell, 12-15-16 deadline
Job Title
Farmer in Training / Apprenticeship
City of Bell
Pay Rate
$500.00 /month stipend
GrowGood is a small-scale urban farm in Southeast Los Angeles. We work to provide fresh organic
produce for The Salvation Army Bell Shelter kitchen, as well as on-farm therapeutic activities for those in
need. Using resilient ecologically integrated farming and soil building practices we are revitalizing a 1.5
acre parcel of land adjacent to the shelter. This season, GrowGood is launching a social enterprise
supplying specialty greens and herbs to area chefs and restaurants, enabling us to provide job training
and employment opportunities for shelter clients (many of them veterans) as a path to permanent
As a GrowGood apprentice you will gain an understanding of some of the following:
• soil biology, fertility, and other factors related to soil, crop and planet health, nutrition and vitality
• creating and using high quality compost • composting with worms
• water management
• drip irrigation design and management • urban livestock rearing (chickens)
• plant propagation
• crop cycles and seasonality, sales, marketing and more... • greenhouse management
Required Skills
Previous farm work is required.
Desired Skills
Qualities we seek:
• a desire to learn about the daily tasks necessary to successfully manage a working farm
• interest in biodynamic principles, resilient farming systems, and urban considerations small-scale
• a genuine intention to carry forward what you will learn here whether through farming, education, or
some other related field
• an open mind and heart, the desire and ability to work with a diverse group of
people from different backgrounds, ethnic origins, and socio-economic environments
• a sincere interest in urban farming, ecological stewardship, community empowerment social and food
• you have reliable transportation
• you have the ability to lift 40-50 lbs unassisted
• you have some previous experience
Application Mode
BEFORE TAKING THE NEXT STEP: The apprenticeship program offered by GrowGood is a unique
opportunity not often found in the more urban areas of Los Angeles. As this is a competitive program,
prior farm experience is required.
FIRST (Section A): Please answer the following
1. Can you make a six-month commitment beginning January 2017?
2. Are you available 12-15 hours/week, 3 mornings/week?
3. Are you ok with $500.00/month stipend?
4. Do you have reliable transportation?
5. Can you lift 40-50 lbs unassisted?
NEXT (Section B): If you answered yes to ALL of the above please take your time and write a paragraph
or two answering the following questions:
1. Are you interested in pursuing a career in farming, as a farm educator, or some other related field?
Please tell us in detail.
2. Tell us about any special skills you have that may be applicable, such as computer/record keeping,
data development, graphic arts/social media/marketing, produce sales, retail sales, animal care,
3. What has drawn you to seek out an apprenticeship with GrowGood?
4. Anything else you would like us to know about you that further explains your interests,
abilities, and aspirations.
• Answer all above questions in a separate word document. (Number answers by section-number, e.g.
A-1 etc.)
• INCLUDE: two personal references including contact information along with your resume.
FORWARD TO: [email protected]