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Funding for Watershed Projects in
Urban Areas: Nonpoint Source (319)
Grants and Related Resources
Bill Carter
Texas Commission on Environmental
Nonpoint Source Program
Nonpoint Source (319) Grant Programs
in Texas
• Texas State Soil & Water Conservation Board
(50% of funds)
– Silviculture
– Agriculture
• Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
(50% of funds)
– Urban
• Activities not required in MS4 management plans
– Rural
• Activities not associated with agriculture or forestry, such as
mining, roadways, septic systems, etc.
Eligible Applicants
State agencies
River Authorities
Public Universities
Other Political Subdivisions of the State
Grant Cycle
• ~ 3 year projects
• Approx. 18 months from project
proposal to funding
• $3.5 million awarded in FY2007 by
Subgrantee Funding
• 60% - Provided by EPA
• Through the State NPS Program
• 40% - Must be matched (non-federal)
• State funds (other state agencies; rarely provided
by TCEQ)
• Locals funds
• In-kind services
Matching Fund Sources
Cash (salaries)
In-kind (third party services)
State Revolving Fund (SRF)
Municipal Separate Storm Sewer
Systems (MS4s) and 319 Funding
• MS4s are required by permit to implement
6 “minimum control measures” (MCMs) to
manage storm water runoff
• 319 grants are prohibited from funding
activities required to meet the 6 MCMs
• However, there are many kinds of projects
that go beyond the MCMs and are eligible
for 319 funding
What 319(h) Grants May Fund
Even in Urbanized Areas
• Watershed planning
• Monitoring and modeling to determine
effectiveness of management measures
• Low Impact Development
• Retrofit of previously developed areas
• Demonstration of advanced or innovative
measures, including model ordinances
• Special public education and involvement
• Must not be required by the MS4 permit
Urban Areas and 319-funded work
• 319 Funds can be used to address the
quality of stormwater before it enters
the MS4 conveyance system
Even if the stormwater
has to pass through a
grate or catch basin to
enter the BMP, 319 grants
can still potentially be
Urban Areas and 319-funded work
• 319 Funds can be used to address the
quality of stormwater after it leaves the
MS4 Conveyance System
To be eligible for 319
funding, such a project
must address pollution
picked up by the storm
water after leaving the
MS4 conveyance system
Examples Of Control Measures/BMPs That
Have Been or are Being Implemented Within
Urbanized Areas With Section 319 Funds
• Riparian management, streambank rehabilitation,
and in-stream measures to eliminate/reduce channel
• Wetland creation, restoration and/or enhancement
for water quality purposes;
• Source area management/pollution prevention
• New technologies and approaches, such as green
• Information and education related to new
approaches and technology;
• Alternative road and parking pavements;
• BMPs such as rain gardens and rain barrels in
residential and governmental projects.
Developing an Incentive Program
Goal of Incentive Mechanism for Fee
Process for
Reduce Imperviousness
Percent fee reduction
Per-square-foot credit
Percent reduction in
Square feet of pervious surfaces
On-site Management
Percent fee reduction
Quantity/Quality credits
List of practices with various
Total area (square feet) managed
Volume Reduction
Percent fee reduction
Performance-based quantity
Percent reduction in
Total area (square feet) managed
Practices based on pre-assigned
performance values
Use of Specific
Percent fee reduction
One time credit
List of practices with various
Open S P A C E
Infiltration BMPs
Current NPS Program Priorities
• Restoring impaired water bodies to
meeting the standards for their designated
uses, addressing specific pollutants
• Significantly reducing the loading of key
pollutants into water bodies (N, P, and
• Address specific program priorities such
as the Coastal NPS Management Program
Watershed Management Funding:
References for the Grant Writer
• EPA Watershed Funding References:
• Plan2Fund (Boise State U):
• All TCEQ Funding Programs:
More Resources for Nonpoint
Source and Storm Water BMPs
National Menu of Stormwater BMPs
(organized into the 6 MCM categories)
NPDES Training Courses and Workshops
Nonpoint Source Outreach Toolkit
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