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Workshop group N4
Economy and SD:
Ecological economics
Group leaders:
 Alan AtKisson – President and CEO, AtKisson INC USA;
 Arnold Bernaciak, - University of Economics, Poznan
 Andra Blumberga, - Riga Technical University;
 Katarzyna Zykwinska,- Lodz Technical University;
 Katarzyna Sewilska, - University of Technology and
Agriculture, Bydgoszcz;
 Pawel Napiorkowsky, - Nikolaus Copernicus University;
 Irina Skazetskaya,- Belarusian State Agricultural Academy,
 Lyudmila Zachvoyska, - Lviv State University of Forestry;
 Vladimir Kapitsa, - Belarusian State Agricultural and
Technical University, Minsk.
Problems of the booklet :
Out of day theoretical information and
Weak methodological materials;
Lack of good examples, especially of such
region as Belarus (Belarus has large
ecological impact to Baltic Region)
Problems of the booklet :
 Lack of methodology of economic analysis
and economic instruments. For example
there is no cost – benefit analysis method
valuation of the Environment
 There is no the anthology of Ecological
economic and its place in a system of
Economic sciences
Suggestions for improvement:
– To rebuilt the booklet according to modern
cutting adge in economic science;
– Because the information in ecological economic
develops very fast, it is necessary to give basic
knowledge in textbook and to update this
information on relevant web-site. The web site
ought to renewable ones per one-two years;
Suggestions for improvement:
– It is necessary to stress such brunches of the
course as theory of inclusive of wealth:
– Background of economical knowledge with
ecological agricultural, forestry, industry ones
and interconnect them.
 Develop basic level text book for bachalor
economic and noneconomic specializations and
advanced master course for economists;
 To develop manual for practical work, like in
Environment Science course;
 To collect examples of ecological problems and
they economic effects for different regions and
economical systems of the Baltic Sea Region.
Ecological economic is a young and fast
developing science. Therefore our group
proposes to create new basic course of
Ecological economics for the Baltic University.
The course ought to be like
basic textbook (one or two levels);
permanently renewable website;
virtual newsletter
chat for students
references and literature links
Thank you
for attention!