Download Technaxx® Selfie Monopod BT–X13 User Manual Wireless

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Selfie Monopod BT–X13
User Manual
Wireless extendable hand monopod with integrated Bluetooth trigger
that helps you to get the perfect selfie angel
This device complies with the requirements of the standards referred to the Directive R&TTE 1999/5/EC.
The Declaration of Conformity you find here: (in bar at the bottom
“Konformitätserklärung”). Before using the device the first time, read the user manual carefully.
This device has a rechargeable battery. It must be fully charged before first use.
Turn OFF nearby Bluetooth devices to avoid signal interference!
Service phone No. for technical support: 01805 012643 (14 cent/minute from German fixed-line
and 42 cent/minute from mobile networks). Free Email: [email protected]
 Bluetooth Version 2.1 with BT operating distance ~ 10m (open range)
 Supports iPhone & Android OS [iOS 4.0 (or higher), Android 3.0 (or higher)]
 Compatible with iPhone 4s and higher, Galaxy S4/S5/Note3, LG3, etc.
 Standby time ~ 100 hours
 Resistant and stable for fixing and holding your mobile device
 Maximum extension of holder up to 8,5cm height of your mobile device
 High flexibility of 7 adjustment positions (180°) of the monopod tilting joint
 Tilting joint lock manually in the desired position with the adjustment screw
 Ideal for aerial photography, concerts, parties, vacations, weddings, etc.
 Easy installation and handling, usable at any time and anywhere
Charging of the battery
Plug in the Micro USB cable* (*included) into the Micro USB charging slot of the hand
monopod. Then connect the USB port to the USB slot of PC or USB 5V charging adapter**
(**not included). Charging time is ~ 1 hour. While charging, the red LED lights continuously.
When the hand monopod is fully charged, the red LED turns off. Always fully upload the
Button of the hand monopod
Charging slot
Power ON
(push the switch to
the left)
Power OFF
(push the switch to
the right)
Bluetooth Connection
(1) When the hand monopod is powered ON, the blue LED is blinking until the Bluetooth
connection with your mobile device is established. Now the hand monopod is ready to
pairing (= connect to Bluetooth).
(2) Scan in your Bluetooth compatible device under Bluetooth settings and you find the
Bluetooth hand monopod with the name “Selfie”. Select it and connect it with your
Bluetooth compatible device. When no connection was established within 40 seconds, you
must restart the Bluetooth connection again. NO (!) password is needed to complete the
Usage Instructions
First fix your mobile device correctly into the clamp of the hand monopod.
Then fix the clamp correctly on the screw thread of the hand monopod. Ensure that all is
correctly and firmly fixed. Only now you can bend the head of the monopod and lock it in
the desired position with the adjustment screw.
First start the camera APP of your mobile device, then press the button on the hand
monopod to take your picture.
After approx. 2 minutes of non use, the monopod
automatically turns off, the light turns off and the
Bluetooth connection is interrupted. If you press
the button, the Bluetooth connection is active
again after approx. 5 seconds.
Technical specifications
Supported systems
Autodyne frequency
Max. load capacity
Max. extention of clamp
Monopod length
Flexibility of monopod head
Battery type / Output power
Charging voltage (Input)
Charging time
Standby time
Working time
Monopod material
Working temperature
Working humidity
Package contents
Bluetooth Version 2.1
BT operating distance: ~ 10m (open range)
iOS 4.0 (or higher), Android 3.0 (or higher)
≥ 500 times, autodyne by wireless mobile device
≥ 500 g weight of a mobile device
≥ 8,5 cm height of a mobile device
min. 24 cm, can be extended max. 96 cm
7 adjustment positions over 180° degree
monopod 100 g / clamp 21 g
built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery / 70mAh
~ 1 hour (to charge completely)
~ 100 hours
depends on the mobile device you use
mainly out of steel
– 10° C up to 40° C
10% – 90%
Selfie Hand Monopod BT–X13, Micro USB charging
cable, User Manual
 Only charge the device with the provided original Micro USB charging cable.
 Do not attempt to disassemble the device, it may result in short-circuit or even damage.
 Do not drop or shake the device, it may break internal circuit boards or mechanics.
 Keep the device in dry and ventilated environment. Avoid high humidity and high
temperature. Also batteries should not be exposed to excessive heat or direct sunlight.
 Keep the surface of the device clean, but do not use organic solvents.
 Keep the device away from little children.
Hints for Environment Protection: Packages materials are raw materials
and can be recycled. Do not disposal old devices or batteries into the
domestic waste. Cleaning: Protect the device from contamination and
pollution (use a clean drapery). Avoid using rough, coarse-grained
materials or solvents/aggressive cleaner. Wipe the cleaned device
accurately. Important Notice: Should battery fluid leak from a battery, wipe
the battery case with a soft cloth dry. Distributor: Technaxx Deutschland
GmbH & Co.KG, Kruppstr. 105, 60388 Frankfurt a.M., Germany