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Predestination or Free Will?
Since God has already written the end of the story how do we get there?
Is God like a cosmic playwright and we, the cast, simply living out our scripted lives? Or is
God more like a cosmic chess player, countering every move to assure victory in the end?
If God has written the end, is that because he foreknows the end, or because he has dictated
every move we make? Does he have plan A, plan B, plan C… ever changing as billions of
people and natural events do things to affect the future?
If God has predestined every move we make, then is it fair for him to judge us for what we
do or don’t do? What’s the use of doing anything difficult if the end is already determined?
If we have unlimited free will, can we frustrate the plans of God? Can we make God change
plans? Do people die because we fail to pray for them? Do people spend eternity apart
from God because we fail to tell them about Jesus?
What do you think?