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October 2016
Batch #9, Keg #2
OK! Brew Jays! Let’s! Play! Ball!
This past spring, Brewmaster
student Sarah Polkinghorne
convinced 17 other
Brewmaster students to form
a softball team. The result
was the Brew Jays, a mighty
squad that hit, slid, stole,
and fielded their way to
eternal glory with a 5–7
record, good for12th place in
the 20-team league. In the B
-division play-offs, they rose
to 4th place.
Sarah is in her final
semester at NC, but perhaps
some future student will
2016 Brew Jays: Back row — Roy Bang, Sarah Polkinghorne, Joe Gilberto, Derek Beatty, Mitch Lee,
organize the next generation Robert d’Angelo, Eric Saulis. Front row — Lauren Zimablatti, Jackie Ederman, Griffin Tobe, Brittany
Ribalkin, Cassandra Tran. Missing: Ben Ullrich, Michelle Inksetter, Brendan Woods, Ryan Desjardins,
of Brew Jays in the spring.
Cameron Shedden, Corey Fairs
Field Trips this month
Level 2, 3 & 4 students to attend OCB
Level 2, 3 & 4 students will be attending the annual conference of the
Ontario Craft Brewers on Thursday, October 13 in Toronto. In addition to
keynote speakers and a “pioneers’ panel”, this year’s agenda will also
feature a series of concurrent breakout sessions covering a variety of
subjects — ecological concerns, event planning, marketing strategies — so
that participants can choose the topics that interest them the most.
In order to give you time for coffee and a muffin before the opening session, the bus will depart from the
college at 630 am—please be on the bus a few minutes early!
Free trip to Jasper: just tell us why you should go
You could spend ten days working at the “Christmas in November” festival at the beautiful Fairmont
Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper, Alberta, all expenses paid! All you need
to do is tell us why you should go!
Each year, CFWI Chef Michael Olson and his wife, noted author
and Food TV personality Chef Anna Olson, represent Niagara College
at the “Christmas in November” food and wine festival in Jasper. And
each year they take two CFWI students with them to work at the
festival in the Food & Beverage department. The winning students will
get free flights, accommodation, transportation and meals. (Several
Brewmaster students have been chosen in the past, and in addition to
working at the festival, they all had an opportunity to work in the
nearby Jasper Brewpub.)
Although the two students will be busy, there is often enough time
to take some hikes in the beautiful region.
You must be able to commit for the entire period of November 4–13 and you will still be
responsible for all schoolwork, lectures, assignments and labs missed while you are gone. You must
notify all your professors of your absence in advance, and make arrangements for your schoolwork,
assignments, etc.
To enter this contest, all you need to do is submit a resume (include your program and year),
and a 500–750 word essay on: “Why I should represent Niagara College at Christmas in November”.
The entry deadline is 4 p.m. on Friday, October 7th, so get writing! Email your essay and resume to
Johanna Cotte: ([email protected]).
Brewmaster Professor wins Golden Tap
The annual Golden Tap awards let craft beer drinkers decide which are the
best beers and breweries in Ontario. The Golden Taps also recognize people
and institutions that have made significant contributions to the industry. (For
example, Niagara College was the recipient of a Golden Tap award in 2012
for creating the Brewmaster program.)
This year, congratulations go to Professor Nate Ferguson — he and his fellow co-founders of Escarpment
Yeast were recognized for their unique contribution to the Ontario craft brewing industry as they discover,
isolate and propagate new brewing yeasts that are native to Ontario.
Quick sips
After Mark Campbell graduated with the first Brewmaster cohort in
2012, he moved up to Baysville, Ontario to brew award-winning
beer at Lake of Bays. Recently Mark was diagnosed with cancer,
and has begun treatment. Mark, you probably already knows this,
but it bears repeating: Everyone in the Brewmaster family is in your
corner for this fight.
Don’t come to class during October 24–28 — it’s Reading Week!
You could head out on an epic road trip to visit some breweries …
or yes, you could actually do some studying.
Mark Campbell, Brewmaster ’12
The Brewsletter is a monthly publication of the Niagara College Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management program. It is
emailed to current Brewmaster students, the staff of the Canadian Food & Wine Institute, members of the Brewmaster Program
Advisory Council, and others interested in the Brewmaster program. If you do not want to receive The Brewsletter, simply send an
email to editor Alan Brown ([email protected]) and your name will be removed from the distribution list immediately.
Alan Brown’s General Store & Gas Bar: Helpful advice, tires checked, road maps for sale
Got a question about the Brewmaster program, where a classroom is located, how to
get emergency groceries from the student food bank, the meaning of life, or why the
sky is blue?
Alan Brown knows where to find the answer! Usually each Monday by 9:00 a.m. you
will find the hours that Alan expects to be on campus for the coming week posted
outside his office, HT016 (which is inside HT015).
905-641-2252 ext 4637
[email protected]
Note: “alan” is missing the “n”
Recent brewing journal articles
Each month, the Teaching Brewery receives a stack of brewing journals containing a host of helpful articles.
Some may provide useful information for assignments, some might give you a better understanding of a
subject, and some may just be an interesting read. If you would like to peruse any of these, they are in the
malt room in the brewery.
Brewer & Distiller International
Institute of Brewing & Distilling
(June 2016)
Nanotechnology in distillation
Teeling Distillery, Dublin
Cereals for spirit production
Cereals for brewing
Wasterwater neutralization at Pilsner Urquell
Cerveceria San Juan, Peru
(July 2016)
Cask ale in the U.S.
Draught beer quality
Cornish Orchard Cidery
Young Scientist Symposium at Sierra Nevada
Canadian Craft Brewing
(July/Aug 2016)
Sidelaunch: Brewery of the Year
Quebec City’s Craft Beer Boom
Drummer Tony Dewald becomes a brewer
Craft beer in Estonia
Gordon & McPhail Whisky
So you wanna build a brewery: Port Rexton Brewing
When is the best time to add flavouring to beer?
Exploring water chemistry
(Sept/Oct 2016)
History of Light Beer in Canada
Wilderness Craft Beer Cruise
Brewing innovation: the next big thing
Off Grid Ales, New Brunswick: Really off the grid
Split Rail Brewing: Crowdfunded
Mothers in Canadian brewing
Milwaukee: What’s happening in Brewtown?
Beau’s sells ownership to employees
Cider terroir
Significant dates: College
Fri Oct 7....................................... Deadline for essays/resumes for CFWI Jasper Competition
Mon Oct 10 ................................ Thanksgiving Monday: statutory holiday. No classes, college offices closed
Thurs Oct 13 ............................... Level 2, 3 & 4 students: OCB Conference, Toronto
Sat Oct 15 .................................. Mid-term evaluations available on Blackboard
Mon Oct 17–Fri Oct 21 ............. Mid-term exams if applicable
Mon Oct 24–Fri Oct 28 ............. Reading Week (No classes; faculty/staff available on campus)
Mon Oct 31 ................................ All classes resume; check timetable for changes to courses/classrooms/faculty
Significant Dates: Beer
Mon Oct 3 .................................. Last day of Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
Fri Oct 7–Sat Oct 8.................... Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest
Mon Oct 10 ................................ Brewer’s Backyard, Toronto
Thurs Oct 13–Sat Oct 15 .......... Dégustabière, Sherbrooke, Quebec
Fri Oct 14–Sat Oct 15 ............... Windsor Craft Beer Festival
Yukon Beer Festival, Whitehorse
Sat Oct 15 .................................. BC Beer Awards, Vancouver
Fri Oct 21–Sun Oct 23 ............... Cask Days, Toronto
Sat Oct 22 .................................. Penticton Oktoberfest
Stompin’ Scarecrow Fest-of-Ale & Art Show, Grand Prairie, Alberta
Quote of the Month
“Six pints of bitter,” said Ford Prefect to the barman
of the Horse and Groom. “And quickly please, the
world's about to end.”
— Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy