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Asbestos in Eastern Europe and Central Asia A Public Health Time Bomb
Women in Europe for a Common Future - WECF
All Asbestos Kills
• WHO estimates that currently 125 million people
are being occupationally exposed to asbestos,
including women and children
• ILO estimates asbestos causes 100.000 deaths
globally every year through occupational
exposure alone.
EECCA Asbestos - just as bad
WECF discovered with shock
that NGO partners wanted to use
asbestos for ecological
NGOs and the public had been
told, that “their” asbestos was
WECF bought samples in
Kazakhstan and had them tested
in a laboratory in Germany
The chrysotile asbestos from Ka
zakhstan is no different
Huge asbestos use in EECCA
We discovered:
almost all new buildings
are build with asbestos
Asbestos Industry is
Scientists and politicians
are not aware
Women and children: affected
Primary exposure is often regulated by the governments
But even secondary exposure is effecting millions of women
and children in the EECCA region
Cases of mesothelomia cancer
• Women washing clothes of
asbestos workers
• Women playing as child
near asbestos factory
Women and children at risk
mesothelioma development risks increase sharply
• in the case of long-term exposure to low doses of
asbestos comparatively
• rare exposure to high doses
Therefore, women and children at risk from:
• Houses, schools, playgrounds with asbestos
• Asbestos dust in cities with asbestos factories
WECF project on asbestos
WECF started a
project on
inventory and
awareness raising
Previous Actions
Publishing an inventory report on
asbestos in EECCA region in English
and Russian
Publishing a fact sheet on asbestos in
EECCA region in Russian, Kazakh,
Ukrain and English
Presenting the finings at a side event
at COP4 of Rotterdam Convention