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El Objeto Directo
¿Qué es el objeto directo?
• Is the part of the sentence that receives the action of
the verb.
• It answers whom? Or What?
• It can be replaced by pronouns
• It is placed after the verb
Direct Object pronouns
in transitive sentences
An object receives the action
lo- It substitutes a masculine singular noun
los- It substitutes a masculine plural noun
la- It substitutes a feminine singular noun
las- It substitutes a feminine plural noun
Pronouns are placed before the conjugated verb on simple verbs
Before the conjugated verb or attached to the infinitive in a verb
Direct Object pronouns in
transitive/intransitive sentences
A person receives the action of the verb.
Me I receive it (a mí)
Teyou receive it (a ti)
Lo/La- He/she receive it
Nos we receive it(a nosotros/as)
Los/Las- they receive it
How we identify DO? And how we change
Mi amigo lleva un impermeable para la lluvia.
My friend wears what? Un impermeable – direct object
Now we change it: impermeable- masc. sing. Noun
Mi amigo lo lleva para la lluvia
Mi amigo va a llevar un impermeable para la lluvia
Now we change it: impermeable- masc. sing. Noun
Mi amigo lo va a llevarlo para la lluvia
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