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Department of Mathematics
The University of Akron
Career seminar for STEM students
NASA Research: A Sampling of Current Projects at NASA Glenn
Research Center
Four scientists from NASA Glenn Research center in Cleveland will visit and share about their
research and working at NASA. Find out about projects the areas of:
Materials Research - Michael J. Kulis
- Chemistry in Extreme Environments
Combustion Science - Michael C. Hicks
- International Space Station (ISS) Experiments
Aerosol Science - Marit E. Meyer
-Fire Detection and Ambient Air Quality in Spacecraft
Gas and Fluid Systems - Lauren M. Best
- Fluid and Cryogenic Design for In-space Propulsion Stages
Information on internships and other student programs at NASA will be presented. A question
and answer session will follow, including opportunities to speak one-on-one with researchers.
The seminar will take place on Thursday February 5th from 3:00pm till 4:00 pm in College of Art
and Sciences Building room 142.