Download Mr. Rich Carpenter,International Trade Specialist, U.S. Commerical Service – Chicago, U.S.Department of Commerce

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Export Assistance on a Global Scale
Who Are We?
The Arm of the
U.S. Department of Commerce
dedicated to promoting the
export of goods & services
Domestic Network
Trade specialists in nearly every
state work with you to get the
right information and advice you
International Network
US and foreign staff work together in
US Embassies & Consulates in over
120 offices in 78 countries
How Do We Help?
§ Advise on market potential and challenges
§ Provide market intelligence
§ Find the right contacts overseas
§ Identify legal & regulatory hurdles
§ Connect with additional resources
Gold Key Partner Search
§ Customized face to face meetings with
potential partners, government officials,
§ Pre-screened appointments arranged before
you travel
§ Customized market and industry briefings
§ Logistics Assistance
International Company Profile
(Background Check)
§ Detailed investigation of foreign company by
local expert - financial profile, reputation in the
market, etc.
§ Staff site visit
§ Full written report provided
§ Essential Due Diligence
Leveling the Field
§ Advocacy Center ensures that sales of U.S.
products and services have the best possible
prospects abroad.
§ Commercial Diplomacy
§ Direct support from local U.S. officials
§ U.S. export credit agency financing support to
qualified U.S. companies
§ Country Commercial Guides
§ U.S. Export Assistance Center
§ U.S. Department of State
§ EX-IM Bank