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Unit Two – Study Guide
Social Studies
People and Places
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Geography – the study of Earth and the ways people use it
Landforms – different shapes on the surface of the Earth
 Lake – large body of water surrounded by land
 River – a stream of fresh water flowing toward a lake or ocean
 Ocean – the largest bodies of salt water
 Peninsula – land surrounded by water on three sides
 Island – land surrounded by water
 Mountain – the highest form of land
 Plain – a mostly flat area of land
 Valley – a low area of land between hills and mountains
Ancestor – family members living before you were born
Producer – someone who makes or grows something
Consumer – someone who buys or uses goods
Goods – things that people make or grow
Natural Resource – useful material coming from the Earth
 Air
 Water
 Sun
 Forest
 Soil
 Coal
 Oil
Crop – a kind of plant grown by people for food and other uses
 Grains (wheat, corn, rye, barley)
 Fruit (apples, cherries, oranges, bananas)
 Vegetables (carrots, onions, potatoes, lettuce)
Conservation – care and protection of the Earth
Ways to Conserve
 Take care of animals and plants.
 Walk on paths and trails.
 Do not pick flowers and leaves.
 Do not litter.
 Do not tease or feed animals.
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