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Jim Smeeding, RPh, MBA
Douglas Burgoyne, PharmD
Gary M. Cohen, BSPharm, RPh
Michael A. Nameth, RPh, MBA
Jim Smeeding
BSPharm, RPh, MBA | NASP Executive Director
Healthcare business executive
More than 40 years of pharmacy & related experience: leadership and management in pharmacy
organizations, hospital pharmacy, infusion therapy, health economics, education, managed care,
and health communications.
• Leadership in TSHP, ASHP, ISPOR (founder and president)
• Recognized expertise in PEC, HEOR, Pharma Marketing, HIT, Hospital,
Managed Markets and Specialty Pharmacy
University of Buffalo COP, 1973, MBA University of Texas ,1989
Licensed to practice pharmacy in New York Texas, Vermont, Washington and
• Opening Session Agenda
Our Inaugural Video
A few short remarks
Welcome from AMCP
NASP “OUR” organization!
• The History and Details
– Open Session for
Questions and Comments
• Panelists
• Jim Smeeding, RPh, MBA
• Doug Burgoyne, PharmD
President AMCP
• Gary M. Cohen, BSPharm, RPh
CEO NASP Co-founder
• Michael A. Nameth, RPh, MBA
NASP Co-founder
Who is Here Today !
• We have in attendance – today !
– Over 500 Registrants
– 54 Manufacturers
– 50 Specialty Pharmacies
– 31 Managed Care Organizations
– 15 PBM’s
– 8 Retail Chains
– 15 Hospital/Health Systems
– 11 Specialty GPO/distributors
Call to Action
• This is a MEMBER organization – JOIN US today!
– Founding members offer us initial support
– Corporate Members offer us staying power
– BUT - Individual Members Define a Professional
• Volunteer to work with us on a Committee
• Get Involved and PARTICIPATE
Thank You !
Douglas Burgoyne, PharmD
Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy
Gary M Cohen,
BSPharm, RPh | Co-Founder, CEO NASP
Healthcare business executive
More than 30 years of pharmacy & related experience: retail & chain pharmacy
management, healthcare publishing, pharmacy continuing education,
certification boards
Publisher of Specialty Pharma Journal
CEO Synergy Healthcare Communications 1999-2005
Launched Pharmacy Power-Pak 1988 - 1996
Interim Executive Director, Specialty Pharmacy Certification Board
Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy, Long Island
University, 1981
Licensed to practice pharmacy in Florida & New York
Milestones – Fast track
SPCB Formation
& Launch
Launch Founding
Member Program
May 2012
Oct 2012
NASP Formation
& Launch
Jan 2013
April 2013
Thank you NASP Founding Members
Thank You Sponsors
Thank You NASP Board Members
Thomas Blissenbach, RPh, MS
Mike Ellis
Walter Geba, MS, PharmD
Phil Hagerman, RPh
Erik Halstrom, MHA
Scott Howell, MD, MBA
James Lang, PharmD, MBA
Michael A. Nameth, RPh, MBA
Craig Miller
Mark Montgomery
Diane Sullivan
Burt Zweigenhaft
Thank You SPCB Board of Directors
Jeffrey Bourret, RPh, MS, FASHP
Nick Calla, RPh
Donald Filibeck, PharmD, MBA
Gaurang Gandhi, PharmD, MHA
Sandra Matsumoto, RPh
Terri Smith Moore, PhD, MBA, RPh
Gary Rice, RPh, MS, MBA
Ray Tancredi, RPh, MBA
George Zula, RPh, MBA
Thank You Moderators
Speakers and Panelists
Thank You NASP Staff
Cynthia Allen, MA
Ryan Anderson
Jeff Carlisle
Ericka Ciancarelli
Gerry Crocker
Jeremy Gosling
Emile Guillot
Janice Moore
Scott Reid, PharmD
Mathew Sherwood
Jim Smeeding, RPh, MBA
Virginia Sweeter, CMP
Nicole Watkins
Most Importantly!
Thank you
Exhibitors & Attendees
Thank you
Michael A. Nameth, RPh, MBA
NASP Co-Founder &
Interim Executive Director
Good To Meet You
Michael A. Nameth RPh, MBA
Co-Founder NASP; CEO, Town Total Health
Mr. Nameth is an accomplished senior level healthcare business leader
with over twenty-five years of experience in several key areas of
healthcare including: Managed Care (Health Plans), PBM (Pharmacy
Benefit Management) and Specialty Pharmacy industries.
Most recently, Mr. Nameth was named CEO of Town Total Health, a
community based specialty pharmacy in New York. Prior to this
appointment, he was the executive vice president for Walgreens Specialty
Pharmacy. He also served as executive vice president at Medmark
Specialty Pharmacy, a Walgreens acquisition in 2006.
Before joining Medmark, he spent 10 years at WellPoint, the nation’s
largest health benefits company and was president of its PBM.
WellPoint’s PBM was the largest health plan owned PBM in the country.
Preceding WellPoint, he headed up the pharmacy program at BCBS of
Michigan and also started the Anthem BCBS PBM and built the first BCBS
owned mail order pharmacy in Cincinnati, Ohio.
He is a pharmacy school graduate of The Ohio State University and holds
a Masters in Business Administration degree from the University of
Dayton in Dayton, Ohio.
Specialty Market
• Fastest growing segment in pharmacy;
15-20% trend
• $100B market in 2013
• Specialty market is fragmented with
extreme variation in patient care
management, service and outcomes
• All pharmacy practice settings are
gearing up to deal with the
tremendous growth in specialty
• A dedicated professional organization
focused on enhancing specialty
pharmacy practice did not exist –
until now……“ NASP”
Specialty Pharmacy Stakeholders
Specialty Intersects all……
Pharmacy Associations and Practices
Retail (APHA, NCPA,
PBM/Mail Order
Managed Care,
What NASP it is; is not……..
NASP is…
NASP is not…
• A professional not-for-profit
501c-6 pharmacy organization
• Offering individual and
corporate memberships
• Collaborating with all
professional pharmacy
• Promoting the profession of
specialty pharmacy for all
industry stakeholders and
practice settings
• A lobbying organization
• In the specialty pharmacy
• Competing with any
pharmacy association or
• Focused on any single
distribution channel or
practice setting
Our Mission
To provide educational programs,
certification curriculum and
professional networking forums
for healthcare professionals to
promote the safe and appropriate
use of specialty medications and
improve clinical and economic
Our Vision
Enable healthcare professionals
to optimize the use of specialty
pharmaceuticals to improve
health outcomes for patients
Our Goals
• Provide educational programs and
resources for specialty pharmacy
professionals (clinical and business
• Strive toward improving patient care
management and outcomes – clinical
and economic
• Raise the bar for industry standards –
better equip all practice settings to
service the specialty patient
• Enhance the specialty pharmacy
profession by promoting the
importance of certification programs
Our Goals
• Improve specialty pharmacy
industry communication by
establishing forums for all
stakeholders to network &
• Create a strong voice in specialty
pharmacy to support all
• Build industry partnerships with
pharmacy associations to advance
the profession
Collaboration with AMCP
NASP & AMCP organizational goals are aligned:
• To improve patient health care
• The Specialty Pharmacy Conference is the only meeting
sponsored by two not-for-profit professional pharmacy
• The Conference is focused on creating a platform to improve
patient outcomes
• Advocating for the collaboration of all specialty pharmacy
stakeholders and channels
• NASP and AMCP intersect Specialty Pharmacy and Managed
NASP Specialty Pharmacy Conference
Today’s program will provide takeaways and
action items for:
•Stakeholder collaboration opportunities
•Value of multiple specialty distribution channels
•Enhancing patient care/outcomes
•Health reform & specialty pharmacy
•Technologies supporting specialty pharmacy
Specialty at the Cross Roads……..
Health Reform
Pharmacist Certification
Need a GPS???
Enjoy the Inaugural
Specialty Pharmacy Conference!