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Pertemuan 23
Materi :
– Understanding e-Business Design and eBlueprint
Buku Wajib & Sumber Materi :
– Kalakota, Ravi & Marcia Robinson (2001). eBusiness 2.0. Roadmap for Success.
Addison-Wesley. Bab 12
Separation of strategy formulation
and implementation, caused :
• The never-seen-again strategic plan
• The no-goals strategic plan
• The no-feedback strategic plan
Idea Screening
Questions to Ask When Starting eBusiness
Value Migration of Book Retailing
The Reengineered Flower Industry
Supply Chain
Clarifying Your Strategic Objectives
Areas of Assesment
Listing of Common e-Business
Category killer
Channel reconfiguration
Transaction intermediary
Self-service innovator
Supply chain innovator
Channel mastery
Critical Questions to Consider
Customer selection
Customer experience
Customer capture
Scope of design
Ease of doing business
Organizational systems