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The Baltimore/Washington DB2 Users Group
DB2 for LUW Track
The DB2 for LUW track is back for September with presenters from IBM’s Toronto Lab, Silicon Valley Lab and a
panel of DB2 Gold Consultants ready to answer YOUR questions on DB2 performance tuning. Join us for great
session content and networking!
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
9:00am – 3:30pm (registration opens at 8:30)
Sheraton Columbia, 10207 Wincopin Circle, Columbia, Maryland, 410-730-3900
Pre-registered members: $30
Pre-registered non-members: $40
At-the-door for members: $40
At-the-door for non-members: $50
9:00 – 10:15
Upgrading to DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows - What You need to Know
Presenter: Bob Harbus, IBM
DB2 9.7 is the latest DB2 release on the Linux, UNIX, and Windows (LUW) platforms and provides exciting new
technology. This session will discuss upgrading to DB2 9.7 for LUW from previous versions of DB2 LUW and will
point out and discuss areas to be aware of and prepare for as well as listing many of the changes that you need to
be aware of before and after an upgrade to DB2 9.7.
10:30 – 11:45: Building and Managing Efficient Data Access to DB2
Presenter: Vijay Bommireddipalli, IBM
Managing performance of your mission critical applications can be a challenge, especially for growing workloads. In
this session we will look at options for increasing throughput and reducing CPU utilization for new and existing Java
and .Net applications. We will look at options available to stabilize the performance of applications. Finally, you
will also see how to proactively avoid problems by taking advantage of database best practices during the
development phase.
12:45 – 2:00 DB2 for LUW Tuning: Ask the Experts
Panelists: David Beulke, James Sobieski, Frank Fillmore and Steve Mazer
A panel of three IBM DB2 Gold Consultants will join us to share their recommendations to address DB2 for LUW
performance issues. Members attending are encouraged to bring their toughest challenge to the panel to see how
the experts would approach it. Perhaps they will simply validate the process your team has followed, but MAYBE
they will suggest another option that will direct you to the solution. The format will be simple: questions
submitted will be answered by each panel member in turn; questions may be submitted in advance to
[email protected] and questions received in advance will be answered first.
2:15 – 3:30
Enabling Applications from Oracle to DB2 9.7 the Easy Way
Presenter: Bob Harbus, IBM
DB2 9.7 constitutes the biggest infusion of SQL features since DB2 V2.1. In this presentation Bob will introduce the
main theme of DB2 9.7 which leads to a tenfold reduction in enablement costs for Oracle based applications to
Bob Harbus, IBM
Bob Harbus has been with IBM since 1989 and with the IBM Toronto Lab since 1992. Bob has worked in a number
of areas including DB2 Linux, UNIX, Windows development, DB2 Service, DB2 Certification (where he authored a
number of books on DB2) and DB2 Lab Services (specializing in data warehousing). He is currently a DB2 Evangelist
and member of the Worldwide DB2 Evangelist team out of the IBM Toronto Lab. Bob meets with customers
worldwide to discuss DB2 technology and assist them in getting the most out of DB2.
Vijay Bommireddipalli, IBM
Vijay Bommireddipalli is a Solutions Architect on the Data Studio Enablement team at IBM's Silicon Valley Lab in
San Jose, CA, where he assists customers and partners in developing solutions on DB2. Prior to joining this team,
Vijay worked on the Warehouse Manager development team. He joined IBM in July 2000, after finishing his
Masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth. Vijay is a
popular presenter and frequently travels to deliver pureQuery PoT’s. Vijay has a technical blog on the IBM
developerWorks site at:
DB2 Gold Panel:
Dave Beulke
David Beulke is an internationally recognized DB2 consultant, author and instructor. He is known for his extensive
expertise in database performance, data warehouses and internet applications. He is currently a member of the
IBM DB2 Gold Consultant program, an IBM Information Champion, past president of the International DB2 Users
Group (IDUG), past co-author of the IBM DB2 z/OS Administration and the Business Intelligence Certification
exams, columnist for the IBM Data Management Magazine and former instructor for The Data Warehouse Institute
(TDWI). With over 22 years experience working with mainframe, UNIX and Windows environments, he redesigns
and tunes systems, databases and applications dramatically reducing CPU demand and saving his clients from CPU
upgrades and millions in processing charges.
James Sobieski
DB2 Gold Consultant James Sobieski is the President and founder of Fourth Millennium Technologies. He has 30
years experience in large systems and database management. James specializes in the design, implementation
and performance and tuning of very large, very complex databases. He is an expert in Data Warehousing as well as
OLTP systems, systems architecture, system migrations and performance and tuning. He has a deep knowledge of
DB2 LUW and other database systems.
Before forming Fourth Millennium Technologies in 1997, James worked at the University of Houston Computing
Center for five years and then IBM for 14 years at NASA, IBM’s Toronto Development Lab prototyping parallel
processing for relational DBMS systems.
Frank Fillmore
Frank is a DB2 Gold Consultant and InfoSphere Information Champion with over twenty years experience working
with DB2 on all platforms and a track record of successful consulting and training engagements. An award-winning
teacher and presenter, Frank developed the IBM Information Management Top Gun sales program for IBM and
has delivered over one hundred DB2 courses. Frank is the founder and president of The Fillmore Group, where he
leads the consulting team and manages TFG’s training and software sales operations.
Steve Mazur
Steve is currently a Senior Database Architect at Fourth Millennium Technologies, specializing in the design,
implementation, and management of very large database systems. He focuses on Data Warehousing, database
architecture and design, system conversions and migrations, and performance and tuning. Steve is also a member
of the IBM DB2 Gold Consultants Program. Steve has extensive database experience utilizing DB2 Universal
Database (UDB) with DPF on the AIX and Linux platforms, DB2 UDB ESE on AIX, and DB2 for OS/390. Steve has over
15 years of database management and development experience on large/complex enterprise systems in various
industries, including intelligence, finance, retail, government, and telecommunications.