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Nonverbal Communication: any
meaning conveyed through
sounds, behaviors, and artifacts
other than words.
Differences Between Verbal and
Nonverbal Communication
single channel
multiple channels
distinct (linear)
continuous (in constant motion and
relative to context).
Types of Nonverbal Communication
Kinesics is the study of how we use body movement and facial expressions.
Haptics is the study of touch
Proxemics is the study of how our use of space influences the ways we relate
with others.
Chronemics is the study of how people use time.
Paralanguage is the term we use to describe vocal qualities such as pitch,
volume, inflection, rate of speech, and rhythm.
Personal Appearance, Objects, and Artifacts
Functions of Nonverbal Communication
 duplicate verbal communication
 replace verbal communication
 complement verbal communication
 accent verbal communication
 regulate verbal communication
 contradict verbal communication
 mislead others
 indicate relational standing
 demonstrate and maintain cultural norms
 communicate emotions
Key Terms
• chronemics
• conscious
• context
• continuous
• distinct
• environment
• haptics
• kinesics
• nonverbal communication
• paralanguage
• personal appearance
• proxemics
• silence
• unconscious