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1st Grading Period
Power Objectives:
Academic Vocabulary:
 Understand independence and conditional
probability and use them to interpret data.
(P.O. #6)
 Use the rules of probability to compute probabilities
of compound events in a uniform probability model.
(P.O. #7)
simple event
sample space
simple random sample
addition rule
multiplication rule
compound event
mutually exclusive
tree diagram
independent and
dependent events
conditional probability
Venn diagrams
Enduring Understandings:
 The more times an experiment is conducted the
closer the empirical probability of an event occurring
will be to its theoretical probability. This process of
replication ensures simulated probabilities are
consistent with theoretical probabilities.
 Knowing the strategies of the games often makes it
easier to win and will help in understanding how to
use probability in life decisions.
 Understanding probabilities and risk analysis will help
make more sound decisions and predictions in life.
Essential Questions:
 Why should an experiment be replicated and how do
you replicate an experiment?
 How can you gain an increased awareness, (a sixth
sense) of probability in games and in life situations?
 How does understanding the probability of something
happening or not happening help you make predictions
and decisions in real-life situations?