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A Brief Chinese History
From the Qin Dynasty to
the Sui Dynasty
The Qin Dynasty
Time: 221BC-206 BC
The first unified autocratic centralized
feudal empire
a long-lasting influence
The most short-lived dynasty
Founder: Qin Shi Huang
Capital: Xian Yang
A series of standardization
Weight, measures, coinage and the
writing system
(Small Seal Script)
Terra-Cotta Warriors
 The construction of
the Great Wall
Qin Mausoleum
 Burning books &burying scholars
The Peasant Uprisings
Chen Sheng and Wu Guang
 Xiang Yu & Liu Bang
 The Battle of Julu
Hongmen Banquet
Chu-Han War
The Han Dynasty
(206 B.C.—220 A.D.)
Western Han Dynasty
(206 B.C.---24 A.D.)
Founder: Liu Bang
consolidation of the Empire
(Emperor Wen and Emperor Jing)
The relationship with foreign countries
The Silk Road (Zhang Qian: envoy)
the Huns
Major Achievements
The seismograph---- Zhang Heng
Records of the Historian--- Sima
The invention of paper
The different styles of writing
The Confucianism
The Eastern Han (24-220 A.D.)
Wang Mang (45 B.C.-23 A.D)
The Xin Dynasty
 Founder: Liu Xiu(汉光武帝)
During the reign of Emperor Ling
A puppet manipulated by eunuchs
corrupt imperial court,
landlords’ oppression,
successive natural disasters
Three Kingdoms
Wei, Shu & Wu
 Cao Cao;
 Liu Bei;
 Sun Quan
The Jin Dynasty (265-420)
The Temporary Unification of China reincarnation &
The Buddhist grottoes:
Dunhuang, Yungang & Longmen
Pastoral life
The Northern and Southern Dynasties
Northern Dynasties: (386-581A.D.)
Northern Wei (386-534)
Eastern Wei replaced by Northern Qi,
Western Wei replaced by Northern Zhou
Southern Dynasties: (420-589A.D.)
Song (420-479), Qi (479-502),
Liang (502-557), Chen (557-589)
The Sui Dynasty (581-618)
Two emperors: Yang
Jian ---- Yang Guang
The construction of
the capital Luoyang;
the Zhaozhou Bridge ;
The digging of the
Grand Canal;
The Civil Service
(imperial examination)
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