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your teeth?
Dont bemisled
by the promise
of a quickfix
ORTHODONTICS is an excellent way to achieve a
healthy, h"ppy smile but the British Orthodontic
Societyis growing increasingly concernedat reports
of patients dissatisfiedwith the results of treatments
used by some cosmetic dentists to straighten teeth.
Many of these treatments are offered by dentists
inexperienced in providing orthodontic treatment
and claim to give a beautiful smile in six months or
less - much faster than comprehensive treatment.
How the British Orthodontic
Society can help you
The majority of our members are fully qualified
specialists who have carried out at least three
years' further training in orthodontics after
becoming a qualified dentist. If you are considering
havingyour own oryour child's teeth straightened,
we would like to share the following advice to help
ensure you get the best experiencepossible:
procedures,so it's advisableto ask the orthodontist/
dentist how much training they've had in
orthodontics and with the type of brace being
. Don't expect a quick fix: While it is true that
simple straightening of the front teeth can be
carried out in as little as six months, this is not
always a long-term solution. It often takes at least
12 months to get the teeth fully corrected, biting
correctly and in harmony with the jaws and lips.
. Consider all the options: Any good orthodontist
will discussall the possible types of brace that can
be used to correct your teeth. You should be wary if
you are only offered one option or one type ofbrace.
. Check qualifications: Some dentists have had
as little as three hours' training in straightening
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