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Free Island Talk on the Origins of Music
The Chincoteague Island Arts Organization (CIAO) presents the second in a series of Island
Talks on Saturday, April 30 at 7:00pm at the Island Theatre. The event is free and open to the
The Talk is titled Music: Origins - Anecdotes – DNA and will be presented by Island resident
Bill Troxler. The presentation will cover the origins of music; the intriguing stories of how music
has affected, illuminated and enriched human lives; and how the science of DNA has revealed
music inside the human body.
Music ties people together like few other human practices. A song may make people weep,
dance, feel great joy or sorrow, reveal meaning, and admit them to a unique community. How
can a sound have such influence on people? The power of music arose in Stone Age caves and
continues to affect our technologically based lives today.
Bill Troxler is President Emeritus of Capitol Technology University, a Fellow of the Washington
Academy of Sciences, and a Fellow of the American Society of Engineering Education and is a
book reviewer for the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has taught
music composition and theory to musicians and how to listen to music for non-musicians for
twenty-five years. He is the co-founder of Common Ground on the Hill and has played and
taught classes in a variety of instruments.
The Island Theatre is located at 4074 Main St. in historic downtown Chincoteague. For more
information, please visit