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The Battle of Fort
By, Brian Bordeaux
Where and When Did The Battle Take
*In 1860 the battle of Fort Sumter was fought
*It had great effects on the civil war
*The attach sent outrage through the northern states
*It also caused Abraham Lincoln to change his view of the
civil war
Who Were The Officers In Charge For The North And The South
*Fort Sumter is located in Charleston Harbor South Carolina.
*The Battle of Fort Sumter took place on April 12-13
*It was fought in only 34 hours
*It was fought on weather the South or the North had the rite to
own it
*When the North disagreed the South took the Fort by force
What Happened During The Battle
*On April 12 general Robert Anderson was given a chance to surrender by P.G.T
*Robert Anderson rejected that offer
*The battle lasted 34 hours
* There were no casualties on the North side
*P.G.T Beauregard had all sides of the Fort surrounded
* That made it next to impossible supplies
*There were seven Forts near Fort Sumter
*It was easy for the South get supplies
* Anderson men were slowly losing heath from lack food and water
*In defense of the Fort Robert Anderson gave the commanded to fire on the
*That shoot is now known as the first shoot of the civil war.
How did the battle impact the war overall
*The battle of Fort Sumter had a huge impact on the civil war
* The reason people may say that is because it started the civil war
*When the North heard about the attack Abraham Lincoln was
*He called for 75,000 to fight against the South
* With that the civil war began
Why Were There So Little Soldiers At Fort Sumter And
why Did The North Loss
• Once Abraham Lincoln was elected South Carolina left the union
• 68 federal troops abandoned Fort Sumter when they heard that South Carillion seeded
from the Union
• This is why there so few soldiers at Fort Sumter when it was attacked
• They were also outnumbered, outgunned, and out supplied
• These were the main reasons why the North lost the battle of Fort Sumter.
Was Robert Anderson In Another Other Military Operations
• After the battle of Fort general Robert Anderson promoted to commander of Union forces in
• He was removed from his command in that same year
• He resigned to Road Island where in 1863 he retired from his military services
• Some may argue that they should have let him keep his position
• The reason being is that he was in many war wars
• The wars he was in were the Black Hawk war, the second Seminole war, and the MexicanAmerican war
To conclude the Battle of Fort Sumter was a bazar event in the civil war
But it was the most important battle of the civil war
Were there were no casualties
There was barley any land won
lastly the battle only lasted 34 hours
Thankfully the North had a great general that kept his men alive
Without fort Sumter there mite have been a civil war which means we could still have
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