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 groundwater porosity Chapter 13 Chapter 13 permeability zone of aeration Chapter 13 Chapter 13 zone of saturation water table Chapter 13 Chapter 13 spring water well Chapter 13 Chapter 13 cone of depression artesian system Chapter 13 Chapter 13 sinkhole karst topography Chapter 13 Chapter 13 cave hydrothermal Chapter 13 Chapter 13 hot spring geyser Chapter 13 Chapter 13 geothermal energy Chapter 13 Underground water stored in the pore spaces of soil, sediment, and rock. The percentage of a material’s total volume that is pore space. A material’s capacity to transmit fluids. The zone above the water table that contains both air and water within the pore spaces of soil, sediment, or rock. The area below the water table in which all pore spaces are filled with water. The surface that separates the zone of aeration from the underlying zone of saturation. A place where groundwater flows or seeps out of the ground. A well made by digging or drilling into the zone of saturation. A cone‐shaped depression around a well where water is pumped from an aquifer faster than it can be replaced. A confined groundwater system with high hydrostatic pressure that causes water to rise above the level of the aquifer. A depression in the ground that forms by the solution of the underlying carbonate rocks or by the collapse of a cave roof. Landscape consisting of numerous caves, sinkholes, and solution valleys formed by groundwater solution of rocks such as limestone and dolostone. A natural subsurface opening generally connected to the surface and large enough for a person to enter A term referring to hot water, as in hot springs and geysers. A spring in which the water temperature is warmer than the temperature of the human body (37°C). A hot spring that periodically ejects hot water and steam. Energy that comes from steam and hot water trapped within Earth’s crust.