Download Make a concept map showing the distribution of water on Earth.

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 Make a concept map showing the distribution of
water on Earth.
 Water’s distribution on Earth
 Fresh water
 Water cycle
 Oceans
 Ice
 Rivers and Lakes
 Groundwater
 Salt water: unusable, covering 97.5% of Earth
 Ice Caps, Glaciers
 Great Lakes: 20% of water in lakes
 Water absorbs enough energy to change to water
vapor, a gas.
 Why does water that evaporates from the ocean
become fresh water?
 Water vapor given off through the leaves of plants
 Water vapor cools and condenses into liquid water,
often in the form of clouds
 As condensation continues, water becomes too heavy
to stay in the clouds
 Falls to the ground as rain, snow, sleet, or hail
 Runoff flows over the surface of the land into rivers
or lakes
 Some water seeps through the land and becomes
groundwater, where it too, will eventually flow to
rivers or lakes