Download Battles of WWII 1. Annexation of Austria 1938 (Anchluss) Hitler sent

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Alexander ~ Socials 11
Battles of WWII
1. Annexation of Austria 1938 (Anchluss) Hitler sent troops into Austria
where he was welcomed by a puppet regime that he had helped to gain
2. Annexation of the Sudetenland. October 1938 Hitler took over a dominate
German speaking portion of Czechoslovakia after Munich conference with
Great Britain and France where he promised that he was now content.
(Czechoslovakia representatives were not invited)
3. Invasion of Czechoslovakia March 1939. Hitler takes over the remainder of
4. Non Aggression pact with Russia Aug 1939
5. Invasion of Poland - 1 Sept. 1939. Use of Blitzkrieg to smash antiquated
Polish forces. Britain and France who promised to protect Poland give
Hitler till September 3 1939 to leave. He does not. WWII begins
6. Phoney war; countries were officially at war yet there was no fighting as
both sides entered a period of heavy armament
7. April 1940 Germany invades Denmark and Norway
8. May 1940 Germany invades Netherlands, Belgium and France.
9. Miracle of Dunkirk June 1940- After pushing the British and French troops
back to the port of Dunkirk the German ground forces suddenly stop. The
German air force is allowed to finish of the victory. While this is happening
every boat that can float in Britain is used to evacuate the troops to Britain.
Attack on Hong Kong 8 Dec 1941. Attack from mainland caught the
unprepared Canadian and British troops
- Troops had to retreat to the Island while the mainland was pillaged
- Hong Kong Island fell December 25th
- While the treatment of officers was good the enlisted men were treated
very poorly. The enlisted men were put into groups of 10 if one tried to
escape then all were shot.
Alexander ~ Socials 11
11. Dieppe (failure)?
- Test to see if a port in France could be taken.
- Mount batten the man in charged
a. postponed the original raid one month
b. experienced divisions changed to inexperienced Canadian division
c. Changed tactics from a flanking assault to a frontal assault
19 Aug 1942 Dieppe Raid
- Raiding ships made contact with a small German convoy in the Strait
which warned the Germans in Dieppe
- Delay (weather) caused Canadians to Land in Day light
- Mistaken information sent more Canadians to the beach their death and
- 907 Canadians died and 1874 were taken prisoner
12. Pearl Harbour Bombed by the Japanese – December 7th, 1941
- The Japanese attempt to control the Pacific by cutting off the American
port in Hawaii, allowing them to take a foothold in the Pacific. This action
stirs the US lion into action (finally).
13. Battle of the Atlantic
- Fight for control of the shipping lanes and ensuring allied war supplies
- The use of Convoys with escorts to limit the amount of merchant ships
sank by the Germans
- Canada’s role was convoy escort, where we used the Corvettes to depth
charge attacking German submarines
- Merchant navy men were never given veterans rights or pensions.
14. Operation Overlord (D-Day) The invasion of Normandy
- Largest invasion force ever- 6000 planes – 4000 ships 200,000 sailors –
107,000 – 1,000,000 soldiers
- Gave allies a foot hold in Europe. Canadians landed on Juno beach then
their objective was Caen and Verrier ridge (Canada’s heart break ridge)
Canada was then given the task of liberating Holland
6,300 Canadians died.
Alexander ~ Socials 11
15. The Bomb
Why drop it?
d. Too many deaths if invasion of Japan
e. Russia was going to enter the war and USA did not want to share
f. Justify money developing the bomb
g. Kamikazes were hurting the US fleet
h. 1,000,000 Japanese civilian already dead through fire bombing
i. Show the world that USA had the bomb
Two Bombs
“Little Boy” dropped on Hiroshima ~ 70,000 initially died by 1950
“Fat Man” Detonated over Nagasaki 70,000 initially 140,000 by 1950