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Greenhaven Press
American History By Era
Early American Civilization and
Helen Cothran, Editor
Chapter 1:Prehistory to A.D. : First Inhabitants
The First Inhabitants of the New World
Vera Brown Holmes
The First Old World Sailors Arrive in America
Barry Fell
The First Polynesians Arrive in Hawaii
APA Productions
The Anasazi: Ancient People of the Rock
Donald G. Pike
Chapter 2: A.D. 900 to 1512: First Contact
Leif Erickson Lands on Cape Cod
The Greenland Saga
The American Indians Lose Their Continent
Hans Koning
The Voyages of Christopher Colombus
Justin Winsor
Sighting Land
Christopher Columbus
The Real Story of Christopher Columbus
William Bigelow
John Cabot Reaches New England
Vera Brown Holmes
Americus Vespucci and the Naming of America
Edward Gaylord Bourne
Chapter 3: 1513 to 1536: First Explorations
Ponce de Leon Discovers Florida
Herbert E. Bolton
The Temple Mound Builders
Roy S. Dickens Jr.
How Rabbit Fooled Alligator: A Creek Legend
Verrazzano's Great Mistake
Samual Eliot Morison
The Narvaez Debacle
Ian K. Steele
The Bay of Horses
Cabeza de Vaca
Cabeza de Vaca's Travels
Ballard and Beals
Chapter 4: 1537 to 1542: The Second Wave of Exploration
The de Soto Expedition
Robert J. Flynn
De Soto's Destruction of Mabila
The Gentleman from Elvas
Coronado Discovers the Seven Cities
Bernard DeVoto
Coronado's Arrival at Cibola
Pedro Castaneda
Coronado Tells the King of His Failed Expedition
The Pueblo Indians
A. Grove Day
The Four Flutes: A Zuni Legend
Cabrillo Explores the California Coast
Kirsch and Murphy
Chapter 5: 1543 to 1606: The Europeans Vie for Control
Tristan de Luna's Failed Colony
Woodbury Lowery
The Spanish Rout the French and Establish San Agustin
Ian K. Steele
Francis Drake Claims California for England
Bolton and Adams
Why the English Should Colonize America
Richard Hakluyt (The Elder)
John White's Lost Colony
Discovering U.S. History
The Roanoke Mystery
John White
The Carolina Algonquian Indians
Thomas Harriot
Juan de Onate's Colony and the Pueblo Indians
Jay Miller
1st Ed. 2003.
Paperback ISBN: 0-7377-1137-X
Hardcover ISBN: 0-7377-1138-8
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