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Storms and Predicting Weather Review
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1. What is a thunderstorm?
 Severe storm with lightning, thunder, heavy
rain and strong winds.
2. What are the effects of thunderstorms?
 Heavy rains can cause flooding, lightning can
cause fires, and strong winds can blow over
trees and power lines.
3. What are some safety concerns of thunderstorms?
 Stay inside, don’t stand under trees or in
open fields, and stay away from water.
4. What is a tornado?
 Small, funnel-shaped cloud that comes down
from storm clouds with winds spinning at high
5. What are the effects of tornadoes?
 High winds can tear apart buildings and
destroy everything in its path.
6. What are some safety concerns of tornadoes?
 Find a safe place away from windows, do not
stay in your car.
7. What is a hurricane?
 A large storm that forms over warm ocean water
with strong winds that blow in a circular
motion around an eye.
8. What are the effects of hurricanes?
 High winds blow over trees, power lines, and
buildings, rains cause flooding, and waves
damage the coast.
9. What are some safety concerns of hurricanes?
 Board up windows and leave the area if you
live near the coast.
What are qualitative weather predictions?
 Watching the clouds and wind direction.
11. What are quantitative weather predictions?
 Temperature, rainfall,
and wind speed.
12. What is a meteorologist?
 A person who studies and predicts the weather.
13. What do weather maps show?
 Temperature, precipitation, wind direction,
cloud cover, and fronts.
14. What are fronts?
 The lines between warm and cold air masses.