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Adult Hearing – Preventing hearing loss
Patient Information Brochure
Audiology Department, Wellington Regional Hospital
Our hearing ability reduces as we age. Not all causes of hearing loss can be prevented. However, there are
some things you can do to reduce the impact and extent of your hearing loss;
Do not clean your ears with any small, sharp objects or any oil or liquids
Try to avoid noisy places such as bars and night clubs, or take hearing protection with you
Wear ear protection (ear muffs) when using noisy machinery such as a lawn mower or chain saw
Use ear plugs if flying in a small plane and try to equalise the pressure in your ears
If you have a family history of hearing loss get your ears checked regularly by your GP or
Protect your ears with waterproof ear plugs when swimming and diving
When playing contact sport wear protective head gear which shields both your head and your ears
Infections such as typhoid, mumps and measles are known to cause hearing loss. Immunisation can
help protect you
It is best to always consult your GP or audiologist if you have concerns about your hearing. Do not buy
hearing aids from unqualified people or unauthorised places as these can cause more damage to your
Audiology Department,
Wellington Hospital,
Phone: 04 918 5132
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Issued July 2015 Review July 2018
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