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Adverbs • Practice 1
Adverbs That Modify Verbs An adverb modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. An adverb
that modifies a verb will answer one of these four questions: Where? When? In what manner? To what
In What Manner?
To What Extent?
Exercise 1
walked away
went today
works carelessly
thoroughly finished
went inside
travels seldom
runs swiftly
hardly begun
Recognizing Adverbs That Modify Verbs.
In each sentence, underline the adverb
that modifies a verb. On each line at the right, write the question the adverb answers.
EXAMPLE: We never walk to school.
1. She ran rapidly around the track.
2. I began my piano lessons reluctantly.
3. I had barely started eating when we had to leave.
4. The new building was completely destroyed by fire.
5. I have seldom heard such noise.
6. This summer we went to the shore frequently.
7. Slowly, he climbed the ladder.
8. They met outside.
9. The large dog climbed into its bed clumsily.
10. I was really surprised by the party you had arranged for me.
Exercise 2
Adding Adverbs to Modify Verbs.
Fill in the blank in each sentence below with an
appropriate adverb.
finishes her work on time.
1. The train rolled
down the track.
2. My uncle travels
to Europe.
3. Give me that pen
4. The magazine arrives
at our house.
5. We had
finished painting the room by five o’clock.
6. Let’s go
and talk about your ideas.
7. That quarterback
8. The sun shone
9. The newspaper is printed
10. They paddled their canoe
 Prentice-Hall, Inc.
fumbles the ball.
on the painted desert.
throughout the year.
along the swollen stream.
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