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General payments conditions
We’ll only process payments into your account using the sort code and account number or Bank
Identifier Code (BIC) and International Bank Account Number (IBAN).
We may set limits on payment amounts which we’ll make available to you when you ask us to
make a payment. We may also set internal limits for security purposes, but won’t make these
available to you.
If a payment has been made into your account by mistake
We may be asked by another bank to return a payment that has been paid into your account by
mistake. Provided we reasonably believe this to be the case we may:
1.deduct an amount up to the value of the mistaken payment from your account and return
it after we have given you written notice of our intention to do this. If you do not agree that
the payment has been made into your account by mistake you must contact us within the
time period set out in the letter otherwise we will return the payment to the sender; and
2.prevent you from using the amount of the disputed payment whilst we carry out the
actions in paragraph 1 above.
If the payment received into your account was more than two months ago we will always seek
your specific agreement before we return it.
If a payment is made into your account as a result of fraud we can deduct it from your account
at any time.
If we deduct a payment from your account and this leads to your account going overdrawn
we will make contact with you to request the amount you owe us.
Suspension of payment facilities
We can suspend your use of Telephone Banking or Online Banking if we think it’s reasonably
necessary because:
e’ve concerns about their security; or
we suspect they’ve been used fraudulently or in an unauthorised way; or
there’s a significantly increased risk that you’ll be unable to repay any overdraft on your
account; or
there are UK or European legal obligations we have to meet; or
you haven’t provided us with identification or other documents that we’ve asked for in
a reasonable period of time.
We’ll usually give you advance notice of any suspension and tell you why. However we won’t
do so if this would compromise our reasonable security measures or it’s unlawful to do this.
Occasionally we may not be able to contact you to give you advance notice.
You can ask us to lift any suspension once the reason for it has ended by calling us.
Cash withdrawals
When we deduct cash withdrawals from your account.
When we carry out the deduction
Cash withdrawals made over the counter
in an HSBC branch
Same day