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Chapter 25 Quiz
Matching: Select the letter of the term, name, or phrase that best matches each description. Note: Some letters may
not be used at all.
a. Mauryan Empire
d. constitutional monarchy
ac. Indus Valley civilization
bc. mandala
cd. Mughal Empire
abc. Sherpa
b. caste system
e. entrepreneur
ad. Kashmir
bd. microcredit
ce. nonviolent resistance
abd. Siddhartha Gautama
c. constitutional republic
ab. Mahatma Gandhi
ae. land reform
be. mountaineer
de. raj
abe. Tamils
75. A geometric design that is a symbol of the universe and is used to aid in meditation.
76. a balanced distribution of land among farmers
77. A highly developed urban civilization in 2500 B.C.E.
78. A person who starts and builds businesses
79. a protest movement that uses passive confrontation
80. a system of social classes
81. A typical mountain guide of the Himalayas
82. India and Pakistan fought several wars over this territory
83. Muslim rule of India in the early 1500s
84. The founder of Buddhism
85. the period of British rule in India which lasted for roughly 90 years
86. The system of giving small loans to poor people who want to start their own business
87. The type of government in which a ruler's powers are limited
True/ False: If the statement is true, mark "A" on the scantron. If it is false, mark “B” .
As a result of independence in Sri Lanka, the Tamil majority peacefully took control.
Buddhist rulers, or sultans, governed the Maldives for many years.
Within the caste system, the Untouchables (Dahlits) are the lowest ranked.
In the sixth century B.C., the Sinhalese settled in Sri Lanka and created an advanced civilization.
Sri Lanka is one of the world's leading tea-producing countries.
Multiple Choice
93. The moist delta lands of Bangladesh are ideal for the cultivation of the country’s principal food crop
a. cotton
b. rice
c. bananas
d. corn
e. tea
94. Which of the following were the three empires of India preceding British rule?
a. Mauryan, Gupta, and Mughal
b. Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim
c. Tamil, Sinhalese, and Bhote
d. Tibetan, Bengalese, and Dravidian
e. Aryan, Dravidian and Mauryan
95. The Green Revolution of India started because India ___ in the 1950s, but now is self sufficient.
a. had a budget surplus
b. could not feed its population
c. was in a civil war with China
d. did not have enough electrical power
e. using too much energy
96. Which country had control of much of South Asia prior to India’s independence?
a. United States
b. Russia
c. Africa
d. Saudi Arabia
e. United Kingdom
97. Bangladesh, Pakistan, and the Maldives are similar in that the countries are predominately
a. Muslim
b. Punjabi
c. Bengali
d. Hindi
e. Urdu
98. Which of the following countries strictly controls the number of tourists entering the country each year?
a. Pakistan
b. Nepal
c. Maldives
d. Bhutan
e. India
99. Which group crossed the Hindu Kush Mountains and spread across northern India, bringing their culture into India?
a. Muslims
b. Tamils
c. Aryans
d. Dravidians
e. Hindus
100. What environmental problem may destroy the Maldives by the end of the 21st century?
a. pollution
b. global warming
c. deforestation
d. over fishing
e. soil erosion