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Page # 116
Problem.7 16 mL of a gaseous aliphatic compound
CnH3nO m was mixed with 60 mL O2 and sparked. The
gas mixture on cooling occupied 44 mL. After treatment
with KOH solution, the volume of gas remaining was
12 mL . Deduce the formul a of co mpound. All
measurements are made at constant pressure and
room temperature.
Problem.10 What is the purity of conc. H 2SO 4
solution (specific gravity 1.8 g/mL), if 5.0 mL of this
solution is neutralized by 84.6 mL of 2.0 N NaOH ?
Sol. 92.12%
Sol. C2H6O
Problem.11 A sample of H2SO4 (density 1.787 g mL–1) is
labelled as 86% by weight. What is molarity of acid ?
What volume of acid has to be used to make 1 litre of
0.2 M H2SO4 ?
Sol. 15.68 M, 0.013 L
Problem.8 In what ratio should you mix 0.2M NaNO3
and 0.1M Ca(MO 3)2 solution so that in resulting
solution, the concentration of –ve ion is 50% greater
than the concentration of +ve ion ?
Sol. 1/2
Problem.12 Mole fracti on of I 2 in C 6H6 is 0.2.
Calculate molality of I2 in C6H6.
Problem.9 How much BaCl2 would be needed to make
250 mL of a solution having same concentration of
Cl – as the one containing 3.78 g of NaCl per 100 mL ?
Sol. 3.2
Sol. 16.8 gm
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