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Air masses
are defined by
A mass of cP air approaches
Virginia Beach as shown in the diagram
Probably over the next few
hours in Virginia Beach
1) Pressure will decrease and
temperature will increase
2)Pressure will decrease and
temperature will decrease
3) Pressure will increase and
temperature will increase
4) Pressure will increase and
temperature will decrease
Which map shows the two correctly labeled air masses that frequently
converge in the central plains to cause tornadoes?
Typical Northern Hemisphere Cyclone
(Cyclone = Low Pressure System)
Fronts only occur in
air masses converge.
, where
•Cold air behind
•Moves quickly
•Deep/thick clouds = heavy storms (thunderstorms)
•Warm air behind
•Moves slowly
•Long thin clouds = light steady precipitation
PROFILE (side)
CONTOUR (from above)
All are mentioned here!
This satellite image shows cloud patterns associated with weather
fronts over the United States on a certain day. Nebraska (NE) and New
York (NY) are labeled.
(1) cold front
(3) stationary front
(2) warm front
(4) occluded front
Base your answers to questions 57 through 59 on the cross section
below, which shows 2 weather fronts moving across N Y State. Lines X
and Y represent frontal boundaries. The large arrows show the general
direction the air masses are moving. The smaller arrows show the
general direction warm, moist air is moving over the frontal boundaries.
is represented
by letter
X? [1]
58 Which
moist air rises
over the
59 Which type of front
forms when[1]front X catches and
overtakes front Y?
Because it is less dense