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Ch. 8, L4
Chapter 8 – Your Body Systems
Lesson 4 – The Digestive System
the process of breaking down food
into a form your body can use
substances in food that the body
needs to work properly
Food and Nutrients
pharynx and
• digestive system starts working as
soon as food enters the mouth
• most digestion occurs in the
stomach and small intestine
• digestion frees the nutrients from
the food
• the blood absorbs the nutrients
small intestine
• the blood delivers the nutrients
throughout the body
large intestine
• the cells use nutrients to grow,
repair themselves, and get energy
Ch. 8, L4
Solid Waste
• the large intestine absorbs water
and salts from the remaining food
• the parts of the food the body
can’t use becomes waste
• the waste passes through the
large intestine and leaves through
the anus
Non-digestive Waste Removal
• cells produce waste products
• kidneys mix waste with water to
form urine
• respiratory system leases other
waste products
- carbon dioxide is a waste
- blood carries the gas to the
- released into the air
• sweat glands remove salt and
water by sweating