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Unit 6 Review
Vocabulary Scientific Revolution
Geocentric Theory earth centered
Heliocentric Theory sun centered
Isaac Newton- gravity, Clock, God, changes the way people see the world.
Inoculation- Shots for vaccines
Scientific Revolution Questions
1. What were Galileo’s findings? Sun centered, telescope, moons,
2. Why would the Pope be fearful of his findings? Galileo said church was wrong, weaken the power of the church
3. List the scientific method in the correct order? Observation, hypothesis, experiment, conclusion
4. What were the two main concepts that drove the Scientific Revolution? Observation, questions/experiments
5. What did Francis Bacon say should be the goal of Science? Human Improvement
Renaissance Vocabulary
Renaissance –Rebirth
Machiavelli- “The Prince” Strong Leaders “Better to be feared than loved.”
Gutenberg Press- Gutenberg, Bible, German
Chapter 17 Questions
6. List 3 famous Artists and 2 of their greatest works. Da Vinci- The Last Supper, Michangelo – Sistine Chapel
7. List three famous authors from the Northern Renaissance. William Shakespeare
8. What things did Renaissance Art focus on? People, Natural Things, Religion Views
9. What were some factors that led to the Renaissance? Fall of Rome, Surrounded by the Med. Sea.
10. What was the Medici family famous for? PATRONS OF THE ARTS
Reformation Vocabulary
Indulgences- Paying for forgiveness
Pardons – to be forgiven
Excommunicate- kicked out of the Catholic Church/ Go to Hell
Predestination- Calvin- God already knows who will be saved.
Chapter 18 questions
11. What language did Luther write the 95 thesis in and why? – Latin so that priests could read it.
12. What country did the Reformation begin? Germany
13. What was the main reason for Henry VIII split from the Catholic Church? Divorce, wants a son (heir)
14. What were all the actions taken by the Edict of Worms? – Outlaw, burn his books, no food or shelter
15. What were the results of the Reformation? New churches
16. Why did the Pope call the Council of Trent and what were the decisions made?- bible will be in Latin, fight
against the protestants