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2016 AAPM Annual Meeting Recap
The 32nd AAPM Annual Meeting took place from February 18-21 in Palm Springs, California. Following
are key meeting highlights:
Networking Opportunities
 More than 1,000 attendees took part in invigorating,
educational and innovative programs.
 Attendees included physicians, physician assistants,
nurses, nurse practitioners, psychologists, pain care
team members, researchers, program directors,
residents, students and other professionals with an
interest in pain medicine.
 Seven Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) convened
including two newly formed SIGs - the Pain
Psychology SIG and the Regenerative Medicine SIG.
 Receptions took place each evening, allowing increased opportunities for national and international
attendees to connect and engage with one another.
Education from a World-Class Faculty
 The event’s education was designed to meet a variety of needs for pain medicine specialists, and included
tracks for primary care practitioners, interventional pain specialists and DoD/VA clinicians.
 Nearly 50 educational sessions were presented by 120 high-level
and well regarded speakers.
 Essential Tools for Treating the Patient in Pain™ provided
attendees with an overview of the fundamentals of pain
medicine as well as an opportunity to identify evidence-based
best practices and practical approaches to the multidisciplinary
treatment of chronic pain disorders. The program was recorded
and its modules will be made available online at AAPM’s website
this summer. In the meantime, previously recoded Essentials™
program modules are available for purchase online.
 Two preconference sessions, including the Ultrasound program
and a new program titled Opioid and Non-Opioid Medications
Management: Filling the Gaps, Prescribing for the Whole
Patient, allowed more than 200 attendees to gain valuable
insights. The Medications Management modules will be made
available online.
 AAPM collaborated with the American Headache Society (AHS) to offer a Chronic Migraine Education Program
that provided a comprehensive understanding of migraine headache, including how to better diagnose and
treat this serious problem. AAPM also collaborated with the North American Neuromodulation Society
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(NANS) to design a full track of educational programming for interventional and/or neuromodulation
techniques in pain management.
 Attendees were able to earn up to 34.5 credits depending on program attendance.
Opportunities to Learn About New Research and Products
 The Resource Center was filled with more than 100
companies showcasing cutting-edge technology and the
latest advancements in pain medicine.
 The AAPM Passport Program allowed attendees who visited
a specific group of exhibitors to leave the meeting with
major prizes. Congrats to the winners!
 Over 150 scientific posters were presented by researchers
from across the country and world. See the abstracts here
Collaboration and Recognition
 An Ultrasound preconference was offered in conjunction with the
World Academy of Pain Medicine Ultrasonography (WAPMU).
 AAPM co-sponsored Take Control of Your Pain for pain patients in
conjunction with the US Pain Foundation.
 The Association of Pain Program Directors (APPD) was hosted along
with numerous program directors, residents, and students from
across the country.
 Awards were presented to 13 individuals for their support of AAPM
and 4 pain medicine fellowship programs within the US who
provide an exceptional learning experience.
What Attendees Are Saying
“I have learned a lot from this meeting and this will change how I practice.”
“I gained a new perspective on quality of life and pain management and the importance of good pain
assessment and pain control in preventing chronic complications.”
“Each speaker was very effective. I really liked the model of following a patient through the course of care.”
“Very knowledgeable speakers - I was impressed with the caliber of faculty recruited.”
“Excellent talk on new developments in fibromyalgia, a condition that frustrates all primary care physicians.”
Save the Date for the 2017 AAPM Annual Meeting, to be held March 16-19 at the
Loews Sapphire Falls Resort in Orlando, Florida.