Download senior secondary school history syllabus grade 10

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The History syllabus has been prepared and produced against the background and needs of the Education Sector, Millennium Development Goals and Vision 2030 which emphasise on
Zambia being a middle income country. It is also in line with the structure of the Reviewed Curriculum Framework. It underscores the importance of understanding the historical
development of man from antiquity to the present time. Once this understanding is developed, the learner would be able to appreciate the present events and have an informed direction
of where society is likely to be in future.
To this effect the History syllabus aims at:
Applying historical knowledge, skills and values to the understanding of historical events;
Enabling learners evaluate sources of historical information to determine their authenticity;
Empowering learners with skills to write reasoned essays on some historical topics;
Assisting learners in evaluating current social, political, economic and cultural challenges with a view to offering possible solutions.