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HISO 10055.3
SNOMED CT Reference Set for
mapping of Faster Cancer
Treatment Indicators – Cancer
Diagnosis list:
Draft for consultation
Closing date for submissions 13 April 2017
SNOMED reference set for mapping of Faster Cancer Treatment
Indicators – cancer diagnosis list: Draft for consultation
This draft reference set has been developed to provide mapping for the Faster Cancer Treatment
Indicator (FCT) list of Cancer Diagnosis codes to support enhanced reporting within National
Patient Flow and is now available for public comment until 13 April 2017. This reference set
does not cover all primary cancers, only those that are required to be reported against the
Faster Cancer Treatment Indicators. An oncology reference set will be developed at a later
How to have your say
Consultation is open until 5pm, Thursday, 13 April 2017.
Comments are invited on the content of the spreadsheet. You may comment on the spreadsheet
as a whole or any part of the document.
Please use the public comment template to record any general comments on the reference set.
To record your comments against clinical terms within the reference set, please download the
draft FCT reference set and enter your feedback within the comments field provided in the
In your submission, please clearly identity yourself and the organisation (if any) that you are
Submissions should be emailed to the Ministry of Health at [email protected]
A working group will consider all submissions and agree on any changes to the reference set before it is published.
Note that the present draft is released for public comment only and is not a published document.
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